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  • No because he will fail like he has every time in life.

    Trump failed in his marriage. He has wife but can't touch her and he had to keep her from divorcing so he lost in the new prenup.
    Trump can't get loans because banks know he bails on paying.
    Trump has casinos that flop. His hotels are living on government support from all his golf visits. He might go to jail so he is siphoning off as much money as he can. What a loser.

    And if there is holocaust white people are outnumbered. They won because the natives did not have guns and welcomed them with open arms; but now the colored people have guns, And the natives want them dead. A 50 year old white man with bad eye sight will lose to a gang of crips. The police will be outnumber. Latinos will outnumber white people and other nations will help the colored people out of spite to the US. It will be the end of white power if the whites ever tried a race war. At best they can hold on to power while they slowly die off.

  • Killing people does not kill ideas (DO NOT BAN POST)

    I do not hope this opinion gets banned. It is vital that we as a free people remind ourselves why we believe what we believe.

    Being charitable to this post, I am assuming that there is not an explicit Jewish context to this. There is a socialism problem in the United States. It has persisted for over one hundred and fifty years and has not stopped despite the attempt by the nameless one. This is because socialism is an idea that has permitted through ethnicity and won't be stopped by censorship or execution.

    What can kill an idea is another idea. The idea that men can carry the image of God and that through Christ there is a path to redemption. The idea that United States is a beacon of freedom and that its influence should spread because its system creates a more prosperous society because it respects the indivdual dignity of men. The idea that our brothers and countrymen are so because of their actions not blood. The idea that marxists do not believe that men can be great because they are weak.

    The victories socialism has gained has come only when people lose their connection to their God and their nation. Until that problem is solved, There will always be a supposed "hueish" influence in our society.

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