• Yes it is a good family activity

    It's good to take the family out of the house every now and again. Staying at home just isn't healthy. We should be encouraging people to go out and breath the fresh air. I believe that hunting rump supporters is a perfect activity for the whole family to go out and play.

  • Yes, They won't have to go looking for you.

    We would ENJOY your attempting to hunt us. Go to Arkansas and try. You'll be strung up before you know it. . . If you're not cross-bowed first. The Right is full of fed-up killers, You people are just treasonous pussies. This is no joke. Wait until the balloon goes up and see what happens to you.

  • I have a better idea says the fat spammer

    Why don't we instead hunt Jamal and his disciples. He already ruined this site and he's causing damage beyond belief. I am building fat spammer army and I need somebody that is willing to accept me as their servant. So please hurry up before I go 100% independent okay bye.

  • Wow this is a new low for the libs

    Dis a joke? Becuase this is downright absurd. Also that picture. . . THAT IS A GUY GETTING F****NG CURB STOMPED BY FRAKINESTIEN IN HIS UNDERWEAR. You must be a depressed sadistic re*ard with a very strong hate for Trump and his supporters. The liberals abmitious Ideas have been stated before but this is crazy. Youre crazy and belong in a mental house with the arsonists stalkers.

  • No, I'm sure that's illegal.

    It's illegal to hunt/kill people. Your foolish argument shows that you have hatred in your heart and are a psychopath. It doesn't make a good argument for whatever side you're on, I assume Biden and democrat side? Grow a brain, You make me laugh. Put your big boy pants on and learn to accept other people's opinions.

  • What the heck

    I'm not sure if you knew this but that is MURDER and is in fact ILLEGAL. I myself do not support Trump but why would I want to hunt Trump supporters? They are entitled to their own opinion just like you. Being killed for one's opinion is a very real thing in our world today and that is a sad thing. One of the most recognized human rights is the right to opinion.

  • This is stupid

    Only a libturd would suggest hunting down people for having a different political opinions to their own far - left ones. I really hope that this is just a joke, But since many leftists today are so violent and intolerant, I fear that this could be for real. And besides, Trump supporters are based. MAGA!

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