• Trump should take a deal from Russia's state oil company.

    Trump should continue to form ties with Russia as the US has attempted to do so since the 80s or so. This is a product from Russia that can help the transition of trade between the United States and the country. If the deal will benefit both Americans and Russians, it should be goodl

  • Trump should resign

    He should not take the deal. He should start acting in the interests of this country and not in the interests of his bottom line. Since he failed to divest, he's making money using his office. It's absurd, dangerous and contrary to most of the principles upon which this country was founded. If it's true that Russia is offering pay for lifting sanctions, anyone who takes the money is unfit for office, cabinet post etc.

  • No, he shouldn't take anything from Russia.

    No, Trump should not take any such a deal from Russia. He is already being accused of a vast assortment of shady election dealings. If he takes money from Russia, he will drive the nail in the coffin on these accusations. He should lay low on as many deals as possible. It's not even February yet, and the country is seeking to impeach this man.

  • Russia cannot be trusted.

    America needs to stop normalizing Russia, especially since the Russians don't have a functioning democracy. Trump should stay as far away from Russia as he can. I know he's not going to but I'm hoping that now that he's actually the President someone is going to start giving him history lessons.

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