Should truth-seeking take precedence over lawyer-client privilege in the federal court system?

  • Yes it should.

    If at any point someone admits to either being guilty to a crime, or knowing a crime, a lawyer should still have to report the information, or it should be considered helping a criminal. By providing them safe coverage and allowing someone to know what they have done but lie about it should be unethical and immoral.

  • We take an oath.

    When we enter the court room you are obliged to say the truth the while truth and nothing but the truth. This doesn't take effect if the lawyer client privilege is in place. The primary goal of the Criminal Justice System should be to protect the innocent. In terms of resources and access to evidence, attorney-client privilege is compromised by imbalance between parties. Motivation to win, parties will coach witnesses, suppress facts, employ tricks and surprises, distort the truth, and manipulate fact finders. Truth seeking is at the core of the the justice system, and attorney-client privilege violates truth because of the concealment of truth.

  • Fair Trial Is Hard To Come By

    I believe a fair trial in the United States is more and more difficult to obtain within the United States. I believe if we take away client-attorney privilege it will become almost impossible. Therefore, I think it would be a huge mistake to take away client-attorney privilege and it would be an injustice.

  • Attorney-Client Privilege Part of Legal System

    Clients of lawyers should be found guilty or innocent based upon evidence and facts, not on attorney-client privilege. Saying things to your lawyer and having them inadmissable in court is part of the American judicial system, plain and simple. Because we are innocent until proven guilty, truth-seeking is done with evidence during trial as opposed to conversations between clients and attorneys.

  • No we need some stability

    No lawyer client privilege should always take precedence over everything. A person who is charged with a crime needs some protection and that comes in the form of a lawyer. If you do away with that then they won't confide in the lawyer anyway and you are basically chasing your tail.

  • The system needs to protect the innocent

    The concept that taking away the lawyer-client privilege in the federal court system is somehow enabling truth-seeking is complete folly. There is a reason that lawyer-client privilege was set up and to destroy it would make it difficult to defend the innocent. There are many things an innocent person needs to divulge to their attorney and taking away their confidentiality will only lead to witch hunts and false prosecution.

  • Lawyer-Client Privilege is Necessary

    In order for our system to properly function and people to get the best possible defense, it is necessary to have lawyer-client privilege. This privilege exists so that people can be comfortable discussing anything with their lawyer without fear of reprisal and this open discussion allows for proper defense planning. Without it the lawyer could not provide the best possible defense, and would essentially be working for the prosecution.

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