Should TTHW prohibit the sale of toys in fast food meals?

  • Food = Food

    Even though it would be catastrophic for many of the fast food industries, creating the idea for kids that fast food is simply food and not anything more might havve benefits towards reducing obesity, especially later in life. The reason the toys are in the meals is because there is a relationship with kids eating at that fast food restaurant later in life.

  • A classic tradition

    No, the sale of toys in fast food meals should not be stopped, and it is a tradition that children have enjoyed for a very long time in this country. No harm from kids getting a toy with their meal, and a lot of money is made through these meals.

  • No, toys should be allowed in fast food meals.

    One of the greatest joys in childhood for a kid is finding out what toy they will get in their fast food meal. This is something that I believe should not be changed. Parents will still buy their kids fast food either way. Why should we punish the child by taking away their toy?

  • It's just a choice.

    If someone is going to give their kids fast food, then they are going to do it regardless if there is a toy in there or not. Toys do market to children, and children will want them, but ultimately it is the parent's job to help their kids make healthy food options.

  • Free Market Economy

    It's a free market economy and if fast food restaurants want to place small toys in meals designed for kids, then go for it. We live in a consumer-based society and the phrase "give the people what they want" is always the way to go. If toys alongside meals helps to sell more stuff, more power to them.

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