Should Turkey join the EU: Would Turkey benefit from joining the EU?

  • Turkey should join the crowd

    Turkey joining the European Union would benefit both parties. It would enable and encourage further modernization and secularization of Turkey, while it would open up over 80 million new productive citizens for the EU. It's time to put bigotry away and finally admit one of Europe's largest countries into the fold.

  • Turkey's Stability Can Help Middle East

    Turkey, as a nation, is barely in Europe as it sits on the far eastern edge of the continent and is mostly in far western Asia, geologically speaking. Yet Turkey's inclusion in the European Union can only bolster its stature with Middle Eastern nations. Turkey is one of the most stable Muslim nations in the world and can only help aid in the peace process with its Mid East neighbors as the region tries to move forward with peace in the Middle East. The economic backing of the Euro Zone can only help Turkey's economy and politics in the long run.

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