Should TV stations be allowed to play commercials louder than actual content?

  • Should and should be allowed are different.

    Yes they should be allowed. I think it would be wrong to create legislation that would say they couldn't, and I really hope no one else believes that. They make tem loud to grab our attention immediately. Should they? No, they really shouldn't and its very annoying when they do. Bye.

  • Without ads None of those tv shows you love to watch

    My main point would be that without ads there would be none of these shown that we love to watch. Also with the invention of DVR less people are watching commercials. So the ones that are still watching commercials, they want full attention of them. As far as sporting events and the commercials that go with them. It is very similar, no ads equals no athletes

  • Its there channel

    Who's to say what volume a commercial should be. Louder is relative as the regular programming could be almost unhearable so for the commercials to work they would have to be louder. Plus if you don't like the volume what's stopping you from changing the channel? Swell this would be near impossible to enforce because the only measurement would be decibels and decibles are pitch not noise.

  • Television Stations should be allowed to broadcast whatever they want.

    It is a free country. Although I hate it when commercials are louder than the actual program, the market should dictate when this will end. If it were that obnoxious, I would just change the channel, and if enough people did that the station would be forced to either quit the practice or create better programming that is worth suffering through constantly changing the volume.

  • TV is a private good.

    Unless the TV stations are playing commercials so much louder than content that it would cause hearing damage (or, if the TV is already turned up really high, more hearing damage), then the government has no place dictating this. It's a (rather small) waste of public resources to regulate things like this. If you don't want to deal with loud commercials, feel free to not watch TV. There are plenty of other forms of entertainment, and even other ways to access most of the same content.

  • Loud commercials are bad advertising!

    I know that I'm not the only one who turns down or just mutes the television when ridiculously loud commercials come on. Usually these commercials are by local businesses or advertisers with little experience and that have no idea how to make an attention-grabbing advertisement but by to blow someone's ear out. This kind of advertising is simply unnecessary and annoying.

    If a commercial is good enough to grab someone's attention then it will; if not, it's not going to help by advertising hearing aids at 120 decibels (the volume of a jet engine).

  • The current volume of commercials is sufficient already.

    The ads that play in between TV shows are loud enough as it is and we don't need it any louder that is currently is. The message in those commercials get across perfectly fine and to add further volume to this will just make it annoying when we have to constantly change and adjust the volume between every commercial when its too loud.

  • Hearing is important

    If the program is already too loud, the advertisements will blast people who are to slothful to turn down or mute the commercials. Most people will not want to turn down the original program therefore, they will be less likely to turn down their ads. This makes it an easy decision.

  • No, TV Stations should not be allowed to play commercials louder than actual content.

    This is because, commercials may be unnecessarily distracting for certain at-home activities. Let's say, you are watching a sitcom early Saturday morning. You make sure to lower the volume, so that you won't wake your housemates. Suddenly, a SHAMWOW commercial comes on and starts blasting. This could be very catastrophic in a peaceful household. Because of this, I feel that TV stations should not be allowed to play commercials louder than actual content.

  • The yes are all terrible arguments.

    Do you know what kind of ads we are talking about? Advertisements should not be allowed to wake me up at 6am when the little ones are watching tv. I'm fine if they are attention grabbing, but I should be able to put headphones into my tv and not go deaf as a rule of thumb.

  • No, tv networks use public airwaves and are therefore accountable to the public good.

    The first few seconds of blasting noise from a commercial have woken my boyfriend up countless times when he is asleep while I am watching tv. It has led to several arguments over the years. I try to catch the commercial before it comes on and mute it so that this does not happen but it is not always possible because the networks are very sneaky about going to commercial without any sign they are going to. I have resorted to having the tv so low that I often cannot hear dialogue and have to rewind and turn it up then turn it back down so that when the commercial comes on, there will not be a huge blast of sound. I know this issue causes problems between other couples as well as between neighbors who have thin walls separating them. Using the public airwaves is a privilege (not a right) given to only certain networks therefore anything the networks do that violates public harmony or the greater public good should not be allowed. It is the same as the rules against profanity and nudity during hours when children are likely to be watching tv. The public has a paramount interest in eliminating activities that corrupt public morality or disrupt the peace and harmony in society and in households, therefore, institutions that are granted privileges to use public utilities such as the airwaves should not be allowed to conduct activities that are known to violate peaceful conditions. Some people think this is a matter of free speech or something similar. It is not. These tv networks are only allowed access to the airwaves at the good will of the public. They have no right to free speech or to any other activity except what the public is willing to grant them. If the public is annoyed, offended, or being caused problems by something the networks are doing, then that activity should be stopped or that network should lose their access to the public airwaves.

  • No the loud commercials are irritating

    If people like noisy tvs they will turn them up all by themselves. I do not want to hear people shouting out of a box to tell me that Viagra is great, Tampons are better and Trucks are better than cars. Besides I think it is against FCC rules. So for my hearing and peace of mind, No, the loud commercials are annoying.

  • Nope. It will make annoying advertising even more annoying

    Audience have been suffering a huge amount of unexpected advertising on TV every day. Advertising programs are shown repeatedly and in large degree. It reduces the experience of viewers because these ads interrupt their favorite programmes. Therefore, allowing TV stations to make sound of advertising louder will lead to extremely angry and annoying among viewers. I think that in order to attract the attention of customers, advertisers should make creative and attractive advertisements. It would be an efficient ways to boost their business and improve the sales.

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