• How do you define Sexy?

    There is no universal definition of 'sexy'. Some people are able to get away with clothing choices that others can't due to their body shape. Whilst it can be agreed that some clothing choices aren't appropriate in some contexts, to say that a person shouldn't dress 'sexy' is fundamentally a flawed argument given that the discriminating factor is purely subjective. Sorry dude.

  • Everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they choose

    Back in the past women and men had to wear extremely uncomfortable clothing and many children absolutely hated it. Women and girls should not show or use clothing to exaggerate their private parts however you should be allowed to choose your own clothing unless it effects your schools rules or other workplace environments.

  • Yes they should

    Of course they should. I cant see any reason as to why they should not wear sexy clothing except for over protective parents. They just need to let go of their children and let them have a bit of fun before the realise hoe life really is. Come on man

  • Clothing, for many, is the main way for people to show their identity.

    Youth should be allowed to ware what ever they want. If l feel empowered in a skin tight tank top and short shorts, then I will definitely be wearing them. Plus I feel that most youth don’t find themselves to be sexy, they find themselves to be pretty and there is a huge difference between the two, but people there age can’t see it yet.

  • Sexy clothing on young girls is vulgar and inappropriate?

    In the past women and girls dressed demurely,classy and modest.It empowered them to be the best version of themselves they could and encouraged peers and adults to take them seriously.When young girls reveal too much or wear especially racy clothing they are degrading their worth as just a body part closing gateways to learn about their personality intelligence etc.It is appalling to see twelve year olds in thongs at the beach and wearing tight booty shorts with their butt hanging out at school.Girls should dress in a way that reflect their personality,preppy ,bohemian,geeky,sporty,girly etc.However they should keep it modest.Many on the other side say that this is a sexist rule however women have more "private parts"then men(breasts)making it easier for an outfit to send the wrong message with plunging neckline.We should empower you girls through intelligence,valuable friendships not booty shorts and tight tops.Because girls and women have so much more to show the world then just skin.

  • Lack of specification.

    Due to lack of specific detail of what direction you're going with this, I'm just going to shoot int he dark of what you're trying to do. Teens meaning anyone after 12 years old until 19. Guessing 'tweens" meanign twenties? I have no idea nor care to find out. The basis of the argument states should teen wear sexy clothing. Year sure, you might be think "Hell yeah 18 year olds should!". If you say yes then you're saying yes that 13 year olds should also wear sexy clothing.

    If you agree to one you have to agree to other ages. If you disagree then change the title and be more specific. Also for the argument, women are not mature enough to even buy their own clothes let alone be allowed to walk the street in skimpy outfits. We can argue all day of womens rights but at the end of the day its BS. If you agree to yes all you're thinking about is sexualizing women. Which is fine cause it's your opinion, Just don't think it's morally right.

  • People say its sexist and unfair to not allow girls to wear revealing sexy clothes but its really not.

    Back then, women had to wear clothing to cover almost everything. Some had to wear stiff, uncomfortable dresses and other pieces of clothing that we were forced to wear. Now, we can wear jeans, shorts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, tanktops, etc and we dont have to dress in proper dresses to look pretty and graceful in front of others. We can wear whatever we want. But not exactly everything. How would you feel if your 12 year old daughter was wearing a short miniskirt and a lowcut spaghetti strap tanktop? Nice way to attract pedophiles. Im not saying that older woman in their 20s cant wear tanktops and they can show cleavage if they want. I mean who cares if some cleavage shows right? But thats for older woman. Not girls from ages 9-17. However, im not saying its okay for women in their 20s to go around in public in a bra and skirt that is just below your crotch.I think for some girls, they only want to dress super sexy, as in miniskirts and suuuppper revealing clothes, only to like turn boys on or something. Those are the careless girls who want sex and a baby by 16. Not all girls of course are like that. Not all of those who show lots of skin are necessarily reckless and look for sex. We have freedom more than ever to wear what we want and we use the strong word "sexist" to justify not being able to wear certain things. People say "ooh we have to dress modest yet again and we cant wear whatever we want thats sexist". Are we being stuffed into stuffy dresses and forced to not show as much of a shoulder or ankle? No. Keep in mind, Im still talking about tweens and teens. Not for all women. We can show shoulder. We can show long sexy legs. We can show some cleavage. Im talking about tweens dressing in EXTREME revealing clothes. Tweens can still wear tanktops and shorts.

  • Not physically mature enough. There’s a reason why non-adult pornography is disgusting and illegal.

    Nuff said. Be a teleiophile, Not a hebephephrbeiololophile (a pedo with a dictionary). Also, I see someone here has posted the same argument multiple times. How pathetic. I don’t care if it’s their body. It’s disgusting to all sane people in public. Public indecency. Like I said in the headline, There’s a reason why stuff like this is disgusting. I prefer a 20 year old over a 15 year old GIRL.

  • Short answer — Absolutely not!

    Oh my goodness — where do I begin?

    First, it would probably be good to define "sexy clothing," so you know what I'm talking about. I don't believe that tight clothing is necessarily considered under this definition (as long as it covers one's body). However, articles of clothing which might fall under this category might be anything which exposes one's body parts inappropriately. For instance, girls' low-rise pants/skirts I believe ought not to be worn in public. Also, shirts which are transparent, or with exceptionally low collars, should not be worn by women. Likewise, boys should not let their jeans sag.

    I believe that sex is a wonderful gift, but certainly not a boundless gift to be exploited freely, whenever we please. A teen's responsibility to himself and his future wife is to learn quickly and work diligently in order to provide for his family, so that he can then have sex. If you get caught up with women too early, then you will find yourself in desperate situations, with children on the way and college to pay for.

    But now to apply this to clothing. While it could be argued reasonably that sexy clothing doesn't necessarily mean one will get caught up in sex, I would contend that there is no place for the enticement whatsoever. Can anyone give me a legitimate, honest example of a boy who was completely unfazed by a girl in, say, a bathing suit? We joke about boys strolling down beaches SIMPLY to look at the women, and it really is true. It's difficult to hold back when someone is basically revealing themselves to you.

    Likewise, we must ask the question: why do we have clothes in the first place? Right — to a) keep outselves warm (or cool in some cases), and b) prevent ourselves from running around — well — naked. Either keep yourself covered, or don't where clothes at all — and please follow the former since the latter is indecent.

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