• That would have been awesome.

    Vine is the perfect medium for porn, since porn producers are utterly incapable of writing a decent story. Imagine the efficiency improvements in the industry if stars were only allowed six seconds. It would really be a huge boon for those of us who can't go longer than that, too.

  • No, Pornhub should not own Vine.

    No, I do not believe that Twitter should have sold the Vine app to Pornhub. Vine is used by many teenagers and young adults. Now that this app is owned by a porn site, it is very inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18 to be using it. These users will all have to delete their accounts ruining the numbers of members that Vine has.

  • No, they should not have

    Vine, while an innovative idea, has been copied and adapted by many other platforms, incluing instagram and Snapchat. Pornhub doesn't need to make Vine more Porn filled. They can create their own platform for that. There are plenty of Vines that are porn filled, but there are also plenty that are innocent.

  • No, Vine and Pornhub are two very different things.

    No, Twitter should not be selling the Vine app to Pornhub. The Vine app is something that was used by people of all ages to create short, often amusing videos that were shared with the world and often went viral. Not sure what Pornhub is, but by the name I can imagine. The two should not mix.

  • I don't think so

    Not sure how many users Vine has/had, but selling it to Pornhub doesn't seem like a great way to go. It would change the nature of Vine so even with NSFW posts, it would be way more explicit and way more adult, and if there were younger users, there's a good chance they'd see some truly inappropriate things.

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