Should two, of age, consenting adults that are siblings, first cousins, or parent/child be allowed to marry?

Asked by: Gustav_Adolf_II
  • Why not? Love never hurt anybody.

    What bad could possibly come out of an incestuous marriage? Sure there are chances of birth defects when couples like the ones described above have children, but you can be married and not have children! And outlawing incestuous marriage won't stop incestuous couples who really want children from having them! All I am asking from society is to allow two people who love each other to marry each other. It shouldn't matter that they are genetically related just like it shouldn't matter what the genders are of the two people that want to get married. What's the big deal? It's not like the world will end if it's legal to marry you sister or your father or your cousin, it just means that for those of us that do want to do that, they now can without being arrested. And no one should have to fear those kind of consequences for loving someone.

  • Consenting adults should be able to marry.

    I see no reason why you shouldn't marry the person you love as long as you are of legal age and consensual then that is good. If that person happens to be a family member then why not. Its likely that you are living as a couple anyway so should have the same rights as everyone else.

  • Any two consenting adults should be able to be married, if they so desire.

    We cannot help who we fall in love with. If a couple falls in love and wants to be married, then I don't think it should be denied them. As for possibilities of birth defects: the couples can easily take precautions to prevent pregnancy. Marriages these days are rarely about having children. If they want to have children, they can adopt to completely cut the risk of birth defects. Even if they do want to have their own, biological children, I don't think the government has any right to deny them. We allow people with terrible genetic disorders to marry, despite the risk of birth defects.

  • Your opinion and their potential children are irrelevant

    While I would never, probably due to the strong social conditioning that we are reaised with in Western Culture against incest, many people may find they have feelings for someoone they are related to and be allowed to act on that if they are consenting adults. If your argument is based on 'EW', then you don't have to look, or marry a relative yourself. If your argument is based on 'but think of the deformed children!', then you must think that every couple who ever marry must produce at least one healthy child. Many couples cannot and never do, voluntarily or otherwise. If the related couple feel they need a child in their lives, there are ways to do so without the biological way that could produce these 'deformities'. If a loving, consenting couple wish to marry, that is their prerogative. You do not have to show up, or live with them, or give your opinion. I am grossed out by spiders. That doesn't mean I am allowed to exterminate all spiders. Suck it up.

  • It's happened and I didn't see a problem then and years later:

    I know of first cousins who married, had children and maybe they were lucky, but had no issues. If people are aware of the dangers, then I cannot see a problem, since there are always around such problems.
    If they are worried about birth defects they could always go for donor sperm or eggs. Because their being together is usually for the love of each other and not about producing the next generation, since times have c;hanged and in this modern age of overpopulation, whose genetics are being propagated is often not that important any more.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    It isn't, because I am disgusted with a marriage outside of my own acceptance level. I think this, because, if you think about it, incestuous marriage leads to inbreeding, and families would then prefer their own family to marry each other, creating diverse groups, or clans. It would cause more social problems, because people would feel political obliged to follow their family.

  • No that's very gross and wrong..What is wrong with you people?

    I believe in homosexuality. But not incest :& that's just immoral. Yes you love your family but you should meet love them like that.. Yes abortions and contraceptives are here but I just find it completely unacceptable. There's billions of people in the world and you mean to tell me you like your family member??..Ewwww... And if you marry your sibling you just need help. If they get divorced their family might split. It should be illegal.

  • Nope, and I'll tell you why with science and psychology,

    If this couple agreed never to reproduce it would be alright, however, as that wouldn't be something easy to enforce I could see that becoming a major problem. When a couple gets together to produce a child, the negative recessive genes generally are weeded out by the dominant genes. This can prevent heretical illnesses as well as any unwanted abnormalities in the child that is formed. However, if two people from the same bloodline produce a child the recessive genes are significantly less likely to be beaten. Over time this can lead to a serious problem. A good example would be the weakening of leaders in ancient hierarchies. The people in power would often marry in their bloodline to keep their wealth in the family, overtime however that bloodline would weaken and members would find themselves susceptible to more complex hereditary illnesses.
    If that however is not enough, than we must bring up the psychological aspects of this argument. In the aforementioned relationships it is important to note that one of the couple may have a great deal of power and influence over another. Say a father wants to marry his daughter and threatens to disown of shun her for not complying, Maybe a sister likes the idea of being with her younger brother and he doesn't know if anyone else will love him. It's the kind of thing that's extremely hard to regulate and it adds a whole new problematic dynamic to marriage and relationships all together.
    Love is love, I know that, and I support gay marriage and even polygamy. But I cannot support this on the grounds that it may end up doing enough hard to make the good seem uncertain.

  • Um ahh... EWW

    Well there's nothing wrong with marriage between family except 1. EWWW EW EW EW 2. If they have children, they will be messed up 3. They can't have bigger families if they just marry in! Like seriously that is messed up never do this people i thought you guys were smart

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