Should U.S. allies speak out against the NSA surveillance program?

  • Everyone should speak out.

    I don't think that you need to be an enemy or an ally in order to speak out against the NSA. I think that all people who believe in a right to privacy and freedom should speak out. I don't think it matters if you are a US ally or not.

  • Yes, peer pressure would help.

    Yes, U.S. allies should speak out against the NSA surveillance program, because it would put pressure on the United States to stop or reduce the program. The Chancellor of Germany probably did not appreciate having her cell phone hacked. We are spying on our friends as well as our enemies. Other nations need to remind the United States that we stand for freedom.

  • NSA not good for allies

    US allies, especially the ones that are known to be spied on by US surveillance, should speak out about the NSA surveillance program. It is not a measure of good faith that US forces are spying on ally countries. However, if the countries know that they have surveillance operations in the US, then they have no room to talk.

  • US Allies Need to Deride NSA Surveillance

    Without a doubt, most U.S. allies are frustrated with the country's NSA surveillance programs, which even targeted our allies. These countries should speak out against these programs and others. Otherwise, the U.S. has no incentive to end these snooping programs, which damage the trust between American citizens and their own government.

  • Spying on Allies--Not Cool

    The United States has allies for a reason--they are friendly. Spying on Germany, Britain, and other European nations isn't just in poor taste, but lacks good judgment. What happened to trust? Take this argument one step further--if the United States government doesn't trust our allies and uses the NSA to spy on them, why should American citizens trust their own government? The answer is simple--we can't trust the Feds to do what is right for us. Attitude reflect leadership. If our own leaders sit back and let the NSA spy on our "allies," why should we, as citizens, support the leaders we put in power in the first place? It's time to put new lawmakers in place who will actually do something to stop the NSA's broad powers as opposed to sit around and talk about how bad the agency is.

  • U.S. Allies Should Speak Out Against the NSA

    Thanks to Edward Snowden, now everyone is aware of the NSA. Prior to the revelations regarding the NSA'a surveillance program, American spying was an idea that was generally laughed at. Since Snowden has released proof of the extreme privacy breeches in the NSA'a attempt to, "fight terrorism," the allies of the United States should speak out against this program and it's spying tactics.

  • U.S. allies should not speak out against the NSA surveillance program.

    Although many allies find the NSA surveillance program unsettling, it is necessary for global security. The truth is, most allied countries do not have the technology to protect themselves. NATO countries are happy to be protected by the American military without having to pay for its support. If allies do not want to be protected by American security, they should develop their own capabilities and pay for them.

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