Should U.S. citizens be legally required to vote?

  • Yes, they should be required to vote.

    There should be votes for all people. Some people may believe in one candidate, but they do not speak their mind. The freedom of choice: if they do not vote, what is the freedom of choice for? This new law, if broken should result in a fine (in my opinion), will close the gaps in the electoral college, and will make more of a chance for the candidate who got morevotes then another.

  • People will vote randomly

    The problem isn't just that people aren't voting, people aren't informing themselves either. Make voting mandatory and you will get people who vote randomly, or vote for the most handsome or beautiful candidate, or based on some other superficial characteristic. Plenty of people who should stay home vote like that already. That problem will only get worse if we force people to vote.

  • It's not going to help....

    If the idea is to rise the assistance, at what cost? People are going to vote just to get our of the way. We want motivated people that were informed about their vote. And what will happen to people that don't want to vote? Are they going to jail for that?

  • Should U.S. citizens be legally required to vote?

    The very idea that all American citizens should be forced to vote is quite simply insane. We have a right to decide whether we want to vote or not. We live in a free society. Being forced to vote is the ultimate paradox. We are being forced to vote,but yet that vote represents our freedom to choose.

  • No US citizens should not be required to vote

    The freedom of choice is one of the most dearly treasured rights of all Americans. That freedom runs so deep it means that if someone chooses not to participate in government they don't have to. It's a right that should be carefully guarded at all costs. The freedom to act according to conscience is more important than high voter turnout.

  • No way should citizens be required to vote

    If America is supposed to be a free nation......the government has no right to force someone to vote or not. If a person doesn't like the options given, or doesn't care about the things being voted on or for, why shouldn't they be allowed to skip the vote? On top of that, forcing people to vote undermines what little credibility there may be left in the process at all, since if someone is FORCED to do it, they're likely gonna just rush through it checking anything at all just to get it done, rather than actually take the time to think about what they are selecting as they go.

    So any way you slice it, from a personal choice level to the political process itself, requiring citizens to vote is a bad idea.

  • No, voting is a privilage and should not be mandated

    I do not believe that U.S. citizens should be legally required to vote, because I think it could very well jeopardize the outcome of elections by mandating that people who may not be aware of the issues vote. I think it would simply bring more uninformed voters to the booths, and those who choose not to vote are merely passing up their rights as citizens.

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