Should U.S. citizens be required to read the U.S. Constitution prior to asking questions about it?

Asked by: humanshores
  • Federal Law Requires Schools and Government Agencies to Teach Constitution

    People should read the Constitution before asking constitutional questions; and, research it on the internet.

    Many people take a phrase or word out of the Constitution and blow it up to mean something that it does not mean, e.G., 1st Amendment and right to free speech.

    I keep a great book handy in my library, "The U.S. Constitution for Everyone" by Mort Gerberb, which explains what it means in each article and the 27 Amendments.

    And, people should know the difference between the Declaration of Independence, which is not a legal document, and the U.S. Constitution, which is a legal document.

  • This Just In.......Ignorance Rules the Country! But I bet you know football stats. Or what Taylor Swift's bra size is.

    Ask anyone who is most popular. Or who was the tony winner. Or what Brad Pitt ate for dinner last night. And most will have an answer. Or how about what the Constitution says? NO? Typical response.....That's politics...I don't care about politics......NO IT IS NOT! IT IS YOUR CIVIC OBLIGATION TO KNOW IT! And people can't figure out why the frog is boiling. HMMM?

  • The constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND

    First off the constitution states all of our laws and rules and rights. Some people say that you should not have to read it but simply understand it but I feel there is no way that you can understand the constitution without reading it all the way through. Although it may be long it is totally worth the 30 minutes it will take to read and study it to its fullest.

  • No. Two words: free speech.

    Free speech also means the right to be stupid. The right to question while being stupid.

    I know it is frustrating listening to people who think they are the only guy in the room who understand the Constitution while knowing nothing about it. I know it is frustrating to listen to people who cited the Founders and things like "right to rebel" and "armed uprising" and sprout profanity at anyone who disagree.

    Yes they are loud and irritating, but they are a minority. They have the right to be stupid and boast about it.

    After all, more speech is better than less. It is the foundation of Democracy.

  • No, but it's recommended

    I don't think we should force our people to do something like that if they don't want to. But I think the government should have the ability to give out tests. Something like an exam that would test your knowledge of the constitution. This way people could have a ranked standing and have their knowledge publicly known so that the government knows how seriously to take them.

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