Should U.S. courts be able to take human rights cases overseas?

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  • No

    They should not be able to take cases over seas. That goes against the very definition of the US Supreme Court. If they could do things over seas than it would be called the World or Over Seas Supreme Court. We need to make sure we are worrying about our own first.

  • No.

    We can't be there for everyone. Some countries don't even have laws that protect human rights. It is not our place to right every wrong. We need to let the governments of the other countries sort themselves out and realize that human rights do exist and should be respected in their courts.

  • We're not Police of the World

    A country doesn't get to decide whats right and wrong out side of it's own borders. The U.S. needs to keep to itself and stop sticking it's nose in countries it doesn't belong in. This is the exact sort of problem America has when it comes to it's foreign policy, other countries don't like it when we get involved in their problems.

  • A Nation Should Not Take Their Law Overseas

    There's a reason that every country has it's own rules and regulations. Therefore, the United States should not be able to take any case overseas no matter what type of case it is. The nation should handle the specific cases. I believe none of us, as Americans, would want other countries ringing their cases here, so we should not do that either.

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