Should U.S. drone strikes be considered war crimes?

  • Yes, they truly are.

    Yes, U.S. drone strikes should be considered war crimes because they truly are. They maim and kill civilians, and they are irresponsible. Their accomplishment does not outweigh their cost to human life, and they are not done in direct defense. To me, the definition of "war crimes" carries a degree of indifference to human life, and drone strikes are extremely indifferent to human life.

  • No it is not!

    Drones would prevent a lot of casualties in war. They are more accurate and would prevent more death in war. The drones is just another way of killing and should not be used as war crimes. The enemy would be less likely to want to engage in war with the United States if we used drones instead of humans.

  • No, its simply an act of war

    Killing happens in war. Innocent victims happen in war. The idea that the killing of innocence is anything new is crazy. Just because there is a new way to kill people doesn't mean it's a war crime. It just means it's a new way to kill people. If people don't like it, then maybe they should try and stop doing this whole war thing.

  • War is War

    Everyone is quick to scream war crimes now a days. Bush, Obama criminals I do not think so its just a matter of what party you are in. Drones are much more accurate then more accepted weapons they have reduced collateral damage and friendly fire. They keep troops out of harms way yes there is collateral damage but no where near the magnitude of say an F-18 with cluster bombs.

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