• Ease of use - No waste of time - Tehnology can take care of verification

    Ya time is ripe now to move on to Online. By online I mean all technological synchronised system with email/online/sms/widget/gadget to be used to Protect identity, security, paper trial, verification processes. As IT expert I can say it is quite possible and used in Swiss elections and in some States outside USA from 2003 without problem.

  • Elections shouldn't be conducted online

    Conducting elections online could compromise the results. Hackers could distort the votes and effect the election. IT is simply to risky. furthermore, older people might have trouble voting because they can't use a computer properly. Lastly, not everybody has a computer, it would be disenfranchisement to poor voters who don't own a computer.

  • Lack of verification

    I don't think US elections should be conducted online. I don't think there's a way to offer proper verification online in order to vote legally. I think this would be detrimental to our voting system. With a lack of proper verification, anyone could come in and vote, or vote multiple times, thus causing false results.

  • Definitely Not!

    United State's elections should not be conducted online because it would leave too many loopholes in the voting process. One person could vote for others in their family using their personal information. Since it is online hackers may find a way to exploit the election and rig it. Also many people might not trust an online election because there aren't physical ballots.

  • No, conducting elections online would be extremely difficult to police

    I don't believe that U.S. elections should be conducted online because it would open up the voting process to new types of voting fraud that would be very difficult to monitor. I think that by allowing voting online, the legitimacy of U.S. elections would be somewhat compromised and lead to more legal action taken by each party when results are disputed.

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