Should U.S. end the War on Terror in Middle Eastern countries?

Asked by: Noswad63
  • Yes Yes Yes

    Its time to take care of our home and people (the USA). Too much time and money spent on war. We need shelter, food and medicine here at home. One of our largest USA Auto manufactoring cities, (Detroit, Michigan) is now being run by a government manager. The focus needs to be right here at home. Surround our country with protection and lets start cleaning and organizing our own country.

    Posted by: JRM
  • The War against terror should be ended already it is a never ending war.

    Continuing the war on terror will only cost the United States More Lives, Money, And Resources. It should be ended already. There will always be religion fanatics such as the terrorists in the middle-east (n0t implying religion promotes terror or every religious person is a terrorist or fanatic). If you kill there leader another one will rise from the sand. There leaders, soldiers, and resources are expendable and there's too many places for them to hide. Even if we won wed never end the violence in the middle-east or put down the terrorists permanently.

  • End the expensive and presidential war.

    The U.S. has spent trillions of dollars on the war on terror. Every second thousands of dollars run away because of the war on terror. We have been way to lenient on the President. Because of the title "the war on terror" The president has unchallenged power and can call any shot he wants without any disruption.

  • Only after we finish training the Middle eastern governments to deal with terrorists themselves. preferably in 1 year or less.

    The middle eastern government and military as of right now sucks. I agree we should pull out, as this war is alot like vietnam, we're going nowhere really fast. But the people need to have a means of defence against the terrorists, and until we finish training the Iraqis and everyone else, we shouldn't leave yet

  • No, too much time has already been invested.

    The War on Terror has been going on for over a decade now, so it is not worth it at this point to simply end the war. It, in no way, shape, or form should be fought at the magnitude that it once was. However, progress has been made in those countries and they are still in a very fragile state.

  • The terror there

    There are children and women being raped and beaten everyday by these people. We cant stop. For their lives and safety we just cant. There is so many terror attacks happening world wide, we cannot let them believe we will EVER let them win or put fear into us or future generations.

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