• Depends on the crime.

    Some crimes like murder, which can be up to life, are a bit overboard. Manslaughter, I think 30 years are a bit much if the jury knows the killing was not on purpose. However, other crimes like rape aren't even 10 years. As of this date, the average time actually served for rape is less than 6 years (5.4 years). Why so short? And get this, they were intended to be released in less than 10 years (9.8 to be exact). In any case, I am placing my answer as a yes, because I do agree, some crimes are unreasonably long, but I don't mean that every jail sentence should be shortened.

  • U.S. prison sentences should be shortened, along with the banning of mandatory minimums.

    The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. It is higher than China and Russia combined. Most attribute this to the monstrous rate of non-violent drug offenders that are being jailed in the U.S. but, this is only part of the problem. Along with jailing of so many people, we give the longest prison sentences in the developed free world. Simply put, we jail too many people, and for too long a period of time. With this, we have an unfair parole system, making it difficult for the ones who do get released, to assimilate back into society and resume their lives, creating a most obvious rebound effect, and landing them back in prison; usually for a much smaller infraction, but with a much larger sentence. To solve this problem, and stop wasting tax-payers money and resources, there is a simple solution. We need to start giving fair sentences, and stop incarcerating so many citizens, unnecessarily. To begin, there needs to be a ban or at least a 'phasing out' of mandatory minimums, they serve no purpose; almost no other first world country employs them. We need to incarcerate people when it is deemed befitting, and when we do send individuals to jail, it needs to be for an appropriate amount of time, which is much shorter than the standard judges have today. People commit crimes, jail has a purpose, but with that being said, moderation is key, and right now sentencing is out of hand in the U.S., and we need to start giving people who deserve it, the appropriate ‘time’, and the ones who don’t a real second chance.

  • End mandatory sentences

    Mandatory sentences are completely illogical - the idea that law makers should have a hand in determining how judgments should be given - rather than a rubric for how the law and sentencing should be set up - is absurd. We have judges for a reason, and they have the experience to know how long sentences should be.

  • U.S. prison sentences should be shortened.

    U.S. prison sentences should be shortened, but this should only occur after certain measures have been met. It's common practice that with good behavior, a sentence can be shortened or special privileges could be awarded. The same practices should be applied when questioning the length of a prison sentence. The inmate should be able to exhibit desirable qualities sincerely in order to be awarded a shorter sentence.

  • We need to change what's illegal first.

    I don't think we need to shorten prison sentences so much as radically change what we're sending people to prison for. Most people who are behind bars these days find themselves there due to something involving drugs. The solution, of course, is to decriminalize many drugs. That way, we can maintain long and harsh prison sentences for those violent offenders who truly deserve them.

  • No, they disable criminals.

    No, U.S. prison sentences should not be shortened, because when a person is in prison, they cannot commit any more crimes. It is hard to go to prison. First, a person has to exhaust all tolerance with the local jail system. In order for a person to go to prison they have to have done something really bad, or offended many times. Leaving them in prison keeps them from getting out to commit even more crime.

  • No they should not.

    The prison sentences are fine the way they are. They are given long sentences because they did something bad or terrible and the US wants to see them off the streets and away from people they can harm. They let them out once they are sure these people can be trusted again.

  • Not across the board

    Some sentences are too strict (marijuana possession, for example) but we can't just go across the board and say all prison sentences should be shortened. Some people belong there and are past a point that any good is going to come of them being back on the outside, they earned their terms.

  • Possibly lengthened but not shortened.

    Prison sentences in the United States should not be shortened unless the prisoner is found to be innocent at a later date. People do not go to prison simply for a speeding ticket or jaywalking. People in prison have committed a crime and a serious one at that. The victims of the crime deserve some sense of justice.

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