Should U.S. schools stop enforcing the Pledge of Allegiance on children?

Asked by: SolarSista
  • People shouldn't be forced to recite it.

    It sounds like the "America: Land of the Free*"

    *may not actually be free

    If people want to say it, fine. If people don't want to say it, also fine. Pitbull raised an interesting point when he stated that many people died for it. Cool. If Hitler won and enforced his own pledge, my argument for not banning that would be just as (in)valid.

    My point is, it is down to personal preference. If you don't want to do something - unless it is truly serious - you shouldn't have to. Especially in the land of the free.

    I'm passive. Should it be taken out? No, why should it be? However, on the flip side, I do not believe it should be mandatory, either.

  • Jingoistic American Patriotic Bollocks

    Although I'm not from the US, and maybe that's why it seems even sillier to me, the pledge of allegiance is just ridiculous. It just seems to me like mindless, ritualised indoctrination. What about if you *don't* agree with the pledge, what about if you're not religious? It just seems a bit bonkers.

  • Is this a serious question?

    This isn't a serious question, is it? This is a direct violation of the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. You shouldn't be forced to salute the flag.

    In fact, you MUST not be forced to.
    The Supreme Court case "West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette" settled that back in 1943, ruling that public schools cannot force their students to salute the American flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • What's the true purpose of this?

    As a student who is forced to stand every morning and say the pledge I find it to be silly and unnecessary. It is done out of a sort of muscle memory and in no way truly shows patriotism or encourages it. Students should be encouraged to show their patriotism in their own way whether this be by saying the pledge, community service etc. Making students say the pledge accomplishes nothing except for infringing upon student's rights.

  • It against my rights

    The pledge of allegiance should be optional.There is no negative consonance in not say the pledge.And it enforces people to take Christianity seriously.That was not even included in the original pledge,the main part is that it directly conflicts with the First Amendment.In not that they don't like the american it because they don't like the pledge.

  • Enough reasons here for anyone, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist to have the Pledge of Allegiance removed from public schools

    1. Meaning lost in endless repetition, no explanation given, no history provided.

    2. Comprises an ideological viewpoint that is forced on little kids by authorities to whom they are dependent.

    3. The two above, taken together, is the definition of brainwashing.

    4. The absurdity of having to repeat a pledge daily that apparently is only good for 24 hours.

    5. The conforming routine of it, which makes you feel like a brain-dead robot sheep as opposed to a citizen of a free country who enjoys individual liberty.

    6. Subordinates the people to the government, which we are told on good authority was created by us, with allegiance to us, not us to it.

    7. Exalts nationalism over federalism contrary to the basic principles of our Republic. Subsuming states and individual rights to central government is a necessary pre-requisite for a centralized, socialist government to gain traction. This was an explicit goal of Francis Bellamy, the socialist author of the PofA.

    8. Encourages jingoism. Antagonistic tribalism. No other countries have their citizens swear a loyalty oath to their government (except Mexico and the Philippines, mimicking the U.S).

    9. Concocted by a company that sold flags as part of a plan to compel schools to buy more flags while instilling socialist-style nationalism in American children.

    10. Unsavory connection with Nazis. The Pledge originally featured the Nazi-style salute. In fact, Hitler got it from the Italian fascists who much admired, that's right, kids in America doing it while saying the Pledge. (Man, if that doesn't give you chills)

    11. Is patriotic lip-service in place of, even at the expense of, actual civic engagement and action. (Symbolic patriotism)

    12. Is uncritical patriotism at the expense of maintaining oversight over government. (Blind patriotism)

    13. Considered by many Christians idolatry, taking the name of God in vain, swearing oaths, serving two masters.

    14. Divides the nation (and the classroom) along religious lines. Only those represented by the Judeo-Christian "God" need apply as patriots (Ironic that "under God", comes right before "indivisible.")

    15. Is hypocritical on the part of adults, bullying little kids into doing something that adults themselves don't do. (You say the Pledge every day, do you, and on a government mandated schedule?)

    16. And last, but not least, pledging allegiance to a flag is just stupid.

  • Freedom of opinion

    I think that the Pledge is a great way to help children to get to know their country, rights, and patriotism. However, if they feel uncomfortable with saying it, they shouldn't have to! If we force them to do it, does that not invalidate the last bit of the Pledge itself, "FREEDOM and justice for all"? There are other ways to teach children about their nation and their responsibilities then making them say a pledge they're either too young to understand or too old to care about as anything other than a nuisance.

  • Do we really need to indoctrinate our kids for them to think their country is great??

    OK, I am originally from Europe and I admit I was more than just surprised to find out about this practice after I came here and frankly a bit shocked. It is certainly not what one would expect in a so-called free democracy. As far as I know and have read, other than in the US, this is only practiced by totalitarian nationalistic and communist governments who find the need to instill ritualistic daily indoctrination to make sure their kids and citizens believe in their agendas. This is in fact a common brain washing technique where we simply repeat a statement so frequently that we eventually believe it regardless of whether it is true or not. One would think that our kids will eventually discover that the US is a great country if it truly is, will they not??

  • Freedom of Religion

    In some religions, such as Christianity, worship of anything other than their god is unacceptable. The pledge of allegiance is idol worship and if schools force students to recite the pledge, then they're taking the freedom of religion away. Also, nowhere in the constitution does it say that you have to recite the pledge of allegiance. I believe you can be just as proud of an American as someone who does the pledge, even if you don't say the pledge.

  • 1st Amendment Rights

    First of all, schools are not currently legally allowed to enforce the pledge, and neither should they be, because not everybody feels it is fair to have to say. Some disagree with parts of it, and it is in the freedom of expression to allow to not say it if you don't want to.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Of course not!! We not just give in to the hissy fits of the minority that don't want to say the pledge, refusing to give allegiance to their own country and the people who died for their right to recite it. Of course! Why should our children be taught to respect the country that gave them everything when they can just sit down and pout because the pledge mentions "God" in it? Because they're so above the rules and standards that their soldiers fought and died for? Clearly these little children have higher standards than us brainwashed Patriots do.

  • If you aren't willing to stand by this flag, then find a new one

    If you don't like the flag, move out, if you moved in and are still proud of the culture and country that you fled from and you refuse to pledge allegiance, then why you left your country of origin in the first place?

    Live where your loyalties lie...If you can't live where they lie, then it might be time to change those loyalties.

    Posted by: N711
  • No, and we need to learn to quit listening to the sorehead minority.

    There is a small minority of Americans who are soreheads who can't handle the fact that this is the United States, a nation of moral, patriotic, religious people. Refusal to say the pledge of allegiance (a simply task) is insurrection against the United States. It implies anti-American, un-American attitudes. Only rebellious people refuse the pledge.

  • Didn't know it was enforced.

    I'm pretty sure that it is already a law that states you can't force anyone to do the Pledge of Allegiance. The reason why i'm on the "no" side is because it's already not enforced. Do I know people who don't do the Pledge of Allegiance? Yes. Does it make me a little upset? Yes. I personally feel like that if you have a problem with doing the pledge, you shouldn't even be in America.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance

    The Pledge was actually created by an American socialist named Francis Bellamy to help sell flags to schools, it wasn't created for any other reason than that. Capitalism at its best. And to the people who think it's unpatriotic to not say the Pledge, let me tell you what unpatriotic is. Unpatriotic is when the government creates a problem for itself and instead of fighting its own battles it recruits people to do it for them. Unpatriotic is when a country mismanages its money and resources and becomes 16 trillion dollars in debt. Unpatriotic is when the government and culture forces people to take upon some kind of debt to better themselves created by inflation, example; student loans.

    So I think that schools should stop making students say the pledge if they haven't stopped already.

  • For or against?

    If your in this country, we need to have you on our side and not on the side of our enemy. That is what allegiance is. If you oppose being our ally, you must support our enemy and that is not acceptable. If you refuse to support our country, we don't need you.

  • No kids need it.

    The Plege of allegiance is a nations song so little kids all around the world should know it. For example when you dont know the plege it is like disrespect to the nation. If you do the plege every day it is a a amzing joy to god and earth.

  • But... They Can't

    Schools can not stop enforcing the pledge of allegiance because they do not do so. It is against the law for them to force students to say the pledge. Many don't. I don't know if the person who made this is from the U.S., but if they are... Well, since when has it been enforced?

  • No No NO

    First of all, schools can't force the pledge of allegiance. It is determined to go against the right of free speech, so students are allowed not to say it. Plus, some people want to pledge to their country, and ii is good that we let them do it. Two words.

  • Do Schools Even do That?

    Schools don't force you to say the pledge of allegiance they just require you to stand their quietly. Once my friend was forced to say the pledge of allegiance by a teacher she god a counselor and the teacher was the one punished. So at least my school doesn't enforce it so what is there to stop?

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Jifpop09 says2014-03-01T18:40:38.973
1.One of the people who agreed is not American.
2. You do not salute the flag.
3. It is not enforced.
4. If you are being forced to say it bulby, then your school could get in trouble.
kbub says2014-03-02T16:37:42.483
That'd be great!

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