Should U.S. Soccer have suspended Hope Solo for 30 days after her altercation with police?

  • Out of Chances

    Hope Solo has received numerous chances from US Soccer, and received nothing in the way of discipline or punishment. The facts show that she committed her latest infraction during training camp with the US National Team. I doubt she was even suspended for the police altercation. It was more for her complete lack of respect for her teammates that she has shown once again.

  • Should have been more

    This is exactly what is wrong with America. Had this been a guy, he would have been suspended way longer. After she got absolutely nothing for beating on her niece, even in the wake of the Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice ordeals, she finds herself in another situation and only gets a month out of it. What is that in the world of soccer? 4 games maybe?

  • Solo should be suspended.

    Hope Solo got off lucky for not being suspended for even longer. She has a long history of abuse and is a role model for many women. It is about time that someone took a stand against her actions and make her accountable as any regular person would. I would have wished a year suspension in light of the Ray Rice incident.

  • She is an example.

    Hope Solo is a household name. Young people look up to her. Good for USA soccer for taking the situation seriously. Her punishment from USA soccer is minor in comparison to her actions. Hopefully this will be the warning that she needs to change her behavior before worse things happen.

  • No she should be Suspendend longer

    People who have incidents such as this should be suspended longer. People need to be held accountable. I believe they should be suspended at least 90 days probably closer to a years worth of matches. They should be forced to apologize rework there life over a year and then they earn the right to contribute to steam but their individual records should not be recognized

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