• Actually make that Anglo-Saxon and Danish soldiers

    They committed the most atrocities (Denmark was also involved in Iraq, and several Allied wars, such as World War II). They should be put to trial for their imperialism. England and Denmark. The Vikings who caused misery for their subjects. They should be tried big time. Why have we against the Fascists, but not them who were worse?

  • US is not the most like country, it may prove to be unfair

    No, I do not believe United States Soldiers should be sent to the ICC for trails. The United States court system is competent enough to conduct fair and reasonable trials for its own Soldiers. Americans are not well liked by many other counties, I believe they tolerate us because they have to because they want to. A U.S. Soldier would most likely no be treated fair if they were handed over to another country for trail.

  • What A Waste

    I do not believe that United States soldiers should be sent to the International Criminal Court for trial. This seems like an odd suggestion to me. I believe the current system the military uses, their own justice system, is terribly broken, but I feel the best thing to do is to simply route them back into our traditional courts, rather than send then to the ICC, which sounds drastic.

  • They will not be treated fairly.

    No, US soldiers should not be sent to the ICC for trial, because they will not be treated fairly by other nations. A lot of people hate America for a variety of reasons, and they will take that hate out on those who are unlucky enough to be sentenced to a trial in the ICC court. America already has procedures to deal with wary soldiers on their own.

  • They Should Go To Civilan Courts

    I do not believe United States soldiers should be sent to the ICC for trial. I believe the military current legal system is failure and it prosecutes soldiers unfairly. I think all military personnel that is charged should go to the same courts as the civilians of this country so they may receive a fair trial.

  • U.S. Soldiers Don't Need to Stand Before ICC

    There's no reason that we should send United States soldiers to the ICC for trial. Our soldiers haven't committed heinous crimes worthy of ICC trial. In fact, the ICC hasn't even accused soldiers of such crimes, so not a single U.S. soldier should be sent to the ICC for any reason.

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