Should U.S. universities invest in China studies?

  • Yes, universities should invest in anything that expands knowledge

    The purpose of universities is to expand human knowledge, not to be nationalistic for one country or another. If there are things that we can learn about China, then we should invest to learn them. Who knows what the knowledge could tell us about ourselves and how it would help humanity in the future.

  • Yes, knowledge of the world is important.

    I think that U.S. universities would be very wise to invest in China studies in the next decade or so. China is not only a fast-growing nation that could one day be a large player in the world's economy, but is also a nation with a long and storied history and a rich culture. American students should have the chance to learn about a place very different from their home, and hopefully be able to apply that knowledge in the future to their jobs or hobbies - without that initial investment by American universities, students might not ever get that chance.

  • Of Course it is Important.

    I think it's very important to learn about the world that we live in. I does not matter how far a a country is, I think we should learn about the people we share this big planet with.I think they should learn about us. It is very eduacational and who knows when it will be handy.

  • Yes, absolutely. Why not know more about our economic rival?

    When it comes to our economy, and their economy, it's hard for anyone to seriously say, "they are not a threat." And so, I believe, that our Universities must have courses that accurately show the current affairs, as well as recent and distant history or relations between us and China, so that we may further our current batch of students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in not only the academic marketplace, but the world marketplace.

  • U.S. universities should invest in China studies.

    American universities need to invest in China studies. China is an emerging economic power, and barring some unforeseen catastrophic event, will eventually become a global economic power, and a serious rival to the U.S. Now is the time for American students to begin to study and better understand everything they can about China.

  • No U.S. universities should not invest in China studies

    No I do not think that it is the time for universities in the U.S. To be investing in Chinese studies. I think that universities should be investing in majors that can lead to jobs, such as jobs in education, business and healthcare, and that no one can get a job in just Chinese studies.

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