• Yes We Should

    I believe US voters should accept tax increases. I believe those with higher wages should be willing to pay more than they have been for decades. The top 1% need to pay more in my opinion, but all groups could handle an increase. I know many people receive credits based on children. It would be best to eliminate these credits.

  • No, not unless everyone pays.

    The middle class is shouldering almost all the tax burden in the United States at least proportionately. The wealthy people and the large corporations are getting relief in ways having to do with tax shelters and loop holes. So the middle class should not accept an increase until the rich pay their fair share.

  • No they should not

    Perhaps some are saying that the tax is already way too high and it is already very hard for them to pay for their everyday expenses. The utilities that people are using and the food that people need in order to survive are becoming more and more expensive, so they should not make things worse.

  • Taxed Enough Already!

    No, U.S. voters should not accept tax increases, because we already pay so much in taxes. There are so many taxes, for this and that, and even post-death taxes. The U.S. taxpayers should demand that their government spend money less frivolously, not that it continues to be spent on social programs that we can't afford.

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