• Traffic is too much

    If every person takes uber, That's a car for every person. It's not a viable solution to overcome the problems of urban transportation. A better solution would be to invest in public transportation infrastructure including real oversight with authority to penalize transportation agencies for mismanagement that increases costs. The current situation is untenable and ride sharing is a short term fix whose long term problems are worse.

  • Uber is Stilling work from taxi & limo drivers

    Uber drivers are NOT paying for For Hire Insurance lowering prices down. This is an unfair competition. They should be classified as transportation company. And should have the same expenses what taxis and limo drivers have. This way would not be unfair competition. Otherwise Uber & lift should be banned if they don’t meet all the requirements what taxis and limo drivers have to have. R Jaskuła ( Limo driver )

  • Uber drivers are sexually assaulting people

    Uber is an app that many people use as a cheaper form of transportation. It’s used in 83 countries and more than 674 cities around the world. Uber has 2 million drivers globally and 750, 000 drivers in the United States alone. The company is valued at 70 billion dollars. Despite Uber’s high revenue and popularity, Uber has many significant issues that lead many people to believe that uber should be banned. Two companies that are very similar to Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, Also share a lot of the same flaws and issues. One issue with Uber and other similar apps is the growing problem of sexual assault in uber cars. A CNN investigation states that 103 uber drivers were accused of sexual assault or abuse. One of the stories that was reported was that a woman got into the back of an uber for a ride home. She was so intoxicated she had to ask the driver to stop so she could vomit. She says that she then passed out in the backseat, And when she regained consciousness, Her uber driver was raping her. Thankfully she was able to escape and call 911, But what about the people who aren’t able to get out? What about the trauma that was caused to the victims? The driver that assaulted the young woman was searched, And on his computer were videos of him raping and assaulting women and abusing young teenagers. Another case on Inside Edition describes how three women barely escaped a kidnapping during an uber drive. The driver began speeding the wrong way, And when the three women told him that he went the wrong direction and to slow down, He said no and told them that they would all die tonight. When the car finally stopped at an intersection, The women opened the door and escaped. The next morning the man was seen outside of one of their houses. This is a serious issue and it's growing more and more. As long as uber is allowed, More people like these can do horrible things. If something isn't done about this, Your next uber might be your last.

  • What is it giving us?

    Its just taking investor's money and using that to support losses quarter after quarter while they add more customers before increasing the prices. They have increased the prices significantly in last year or so. Its losing ~1. 5 billion each quarter. Now the only service it provides is ease of use (call a cab from app in real time) which can easily be done and has been done by other cab companies. This is a malpractice on Uber's part to drive other taxicabs to oblivion. And it should be stopped.

  • Uber is bad

    Uber is robbing people and makes billions of dollars doing nothing and destroys the taxis....The government has to and end the uber thieves soon enough is unfair for everybody even for the uber drivers uber is a capitalist shark who makes billions of billions of dollars doing nothing....Uber has to be banned

  • Uber should be banned

    Let's say Uber takes out all local taxi companies across the US and other countries. Does everyone think that Uber will keep their same low black market prices? If you do, then I have a bridge that I would like to sell you. Additionally, It is illegal to price gauge, or in Uber speak, price surge. In the US, it is illegal to raise the price of a snow shovel just because it snowed the night before. Lastly, with local taxi companies, if you forget something in the car or have a complaint, there is a number to call and speak to someone to retrieve your items or discuss a certain complain you had. With Uber who are you going to call?? GHOSTBUSTERS??

  • Unhelpful drivers unwilling to help with folding wheelchair

    Hello, I am a 72 year old women who uses a folding wheelchair for out-of-house trips. I have used uber from time to time but more often than not the drivr has made a fuss about the folding wheelchair eventhough it fits in any car boot just like other luggage. They have also said that I need to pay an extra fee for them taking my wheelchair. On one occassion, the driver couldn't stop immediately outside my house and I asked if he would please help with getting the wheelchair to my front door. He refused to do it so I was stuck with a wheelchair in th street which I couldn't manouvre. I don't user uber regularly as I don't feel safe with your drivers given that I am usually travelling alone and am disabled. If your drivers continue to behave like this I think you should be banned.

  • Ban that shit

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  • No one will believe ur site if your not using proper english

    Why do i need proof u dont even know how to write in english just no go learn english then make these stuff why do i need proof u dont even know how to write in english just no go learn english then make these stuffwhy do i need proof u dont even know how to write in english just no go learn english then make these stuffwhy do i need proof u dont even know how to write in english just no go learn english then make these stuffwhy do i need proof u dont even know how to write in english just no go learn english then make these stuff

  • Uber are us base App company

    They only providing technology, and work like commission agent, eating our local driver business, without any risk, charges as per there will and fancy, no one can question them, not even government whom we elect them for betterment of our people, but they get trap on working international company model, which is not favorable to Indian standard, uber have not invested any amount but earning handsome amount, and destroying our economic

  • Uber has safety regulations

    The report found Uber has reduced the risks associated with getting from A to B because both passengers and drivers have profiles that can be checked before pick-up.
    “The Uber application may remove anonymity, thus reducing an incentive to commit crime and allowing ease of reporting of any incidents,” the report said.
    Another safety measure is the “share my ETA” feature.
    Riders are able to share their journey in real time with friends and family, which is vital in case there is an emergency.
    There are actually also really stringent rules for people wanting to become Uber drivers and there are a number of vehicle and personal requirements people have to meet.
    To be an UberX driver you must be 21 and have a full driver’s licence.
    You must not have had three minor offences, three demerit points or less, in the past three years, and no major offences, four demerit points or more, in the past three years.
    Any drug or alcohol offences or a prior police record will cross you off the list of suitable UberX drivers.
    Rules are also strict for vehicles used to pick up paying customers. They must have four doors or more, be less than nine years old, be registered and not have decal or commercial branding.

  • UBER is an Illegal Taxi under disguise

    UBER is like a taxi, yet without the regulations. Taxi's abide by city rules and regulations whereas UBER does not. No other business is permitted to operate within a city without being subject to rules and regulations so why is UBER except. The UBER technology should only be available to taxi decrease. Restaurants follow regulations, so do other businesses, so UBER should as well.

  • Uber is the future

    Uber provides employment to workers and to ban Uber is to keep prices high for cab journeys reserving it as a regular experience just for the rich. Black cab drivers want it banned because it means that they have to be more competitive. There's no need for Uber to even be regulated by the government, natural market forces will push Uber to regulate themselves with contracts promising safety to their customers while the tax payer who never uses Uber doesn't have to foot part of the bill for regulation so it's much more fair.

  • Classic government obstructionism.

    If you want a textbook of example of government intervention obstructing competition to prop up monopolies, look no further than the Uber fiasco. The simple fact of the matter is Uber is supplying transportation demands at a lower cost than the heavily regulated taxi companies, and the taxi companies don't want the competition.

    Posted by: Quan

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