• Yes, Uber should be tracking its customers.

    Many commentators may argue that Uber tracking its customers is an invasion of privacy, and we all know what kind of uproar can result from a breach of this holy principle. But it's not at all hard to see that in doing so, Uber is simply taking responsibility for the service it provides: by tracking its customers, Uber ensures that the company can find them should the worst happen.

  • You are using there stuff, I would be watching you

    Uber is so easy for us to use that I think we forget what we are using. Uber is something that all of us like and use, yet I think we forget what we are using. We are using there gear, and transportation and therefore in my opinion, they have every right to track us using there equipment.

  • Yes, Uber should be tracking its customers.

    Yes, I think that Uber should be tracking its customers because it is good as a business to know where your customers are coming from and take care of their wants and needs. I work at winners and we always have a good customer base and we take postal codes so we know where most of our customers are coming from.

  • Yes, if it allows them to improve their service.

    Yes, I think the recent trends towards anger at a lack of data privacy have been exaggerated. In the case of Uber, I can not see why it would be damaging to allow them to have access to tracking data of customers while they are using the service. It can allow them to analyse routes and drivers, and hopefully from this they can make a more efficient and cheaper service for their customers.

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