• Too little oversight

    I know someone personally who is fresh to the US from a country that has vastly different laws pertaining to driving. The driver was terrible and there was nothing stopping him from getting a job from both big name rideshares. Go figure he was fired from one due to his terrible driving and CS skills. If they were required to get a CDL, It would have limited the damage he could have done.

  • Uber drivers should have to have a taxi drivers license.

    I do know that you can not use your personal vehicle for any business like delivering pizza, So you can't use it to deliver people either.
    You have to have a commercial license and commercial insurance.
    I think if you use something other than a taxi or something correctly insured you will be screwed in an accedent. Also they should have to post a current copy of their DMV record and be drug rested and also post weekly.

  • Too many loopholes

    Uber drivers are not required to have a special license, Not even a CDL when driving the van type vehicles. If you're in an accident in an Uber, The driver's ins will cover if the driver does not claim to be working at the time. If they do, It falls onto Uber's supplemental insurance which is likely to not pay due to the fact it does not hire drivers, It's only a linking communication service.

  • They of course should have a TLC license

    If I wanted to trade stocks with other people's money, I just cant go on E-trade to do it, I need a license. Regardless of the popularity of Uber, the real question is what are they trying to hide by talking municipalities out of getting licensed. THAT is the bigger question.

  • Unfair Advantage to Uber

    Uber app is just way summon a cab. Starting with a whistle to get a hansom cab in London, to radio cabs, and now smartphones. Along the way municipal authorities understood the wisdom to license and regulate the taxi cabs roaming the streets performing a public service.

    Uber is cheating their drivers of a fair wage, as evidence of protests for demands, and disappointment experienced by new drivers in unmet earning expectations.

  • Yes we need regulation for Uber and others like it.

    The Idea of an unregulated Taxi service is a recipe for disaster. Think of the very reason Taxi companies are regulated to begin with. Safety and public concerns shoot right to the top of that list. Uber driver accidents are on the rise and as it gains more market so will the incidents. Once those incidents become more and more publicized, then the public will demand government intervention and regulation to provide a basis of safety. So my question is...Why not avoid the hard lesson and regulate it now?

  • Taxis and uber drivers are untrained

    Us taxi drivers should meet same require the. As a London taxi driver .. Clean cab- knowledge - professionalism - trained as a professional driver . It seems anyone in America without any trainik can drive a taxi or an uber .. It's lawless and is why kat taxi drivers looks and act unprofessional

  • We need to know who these people are.

    In addition to a cab license, they should also have a CDL. The arguments that Uber is not a cab company are just ludicrous, and intellectually empty. We need to know who these people are, and not just some terrorist looking to off people. There is no difference at all between an UBER driver and a cab driver, so the requirements should be the same.

  • Uber drivers taxi license

    Yes I certainly do believe that the Uber drivers should be required to have a taxi license to continue to operate their business, They are basically doing what a taxi driver would do so in order to insure the safety of the customers it would be strongly recommended for them to get one.

  • Uber Drivers Should be Licensed as Taxi Drivers

    Uber is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. People tend to prefer Uber due to being more cost effective than traditional taxi services. Drivers are providing a taxi service and therefore should be required to obtain and carry a taxi license. Being licensed will provide more credibility to the driver and to Uber as a company.

  • Uber doesn't need a licence

    Uber is becoming much more popular and because of ubers feats the Taxi Association (yes, thats a thing) is starting all this controversy over all this Uber stuff and honestly they cant stop uber and instead of getting all debatable about uber why dont all the cabbies just get uber?

  • No, I don't believe Uber drivers need a taxi license.

    Uber is not a cab service. This alone suffice to say that it is not mandatory for Uber drivers to gain a taxi license. Uber drivers drive their own cars therefore it is not any different from carpooling a ride. I believe it would be unfair to require for them to get a taxi license to drive their own cars.

  • No one should need a taxi license.

    Most licenses were created as a way for the government to get a cut of an industry. A license as a proof of proper safety training is reasonable however we have that, It is called a drivers licence. Taxi licenses are usually obtained online with no drive time required just a fee. It doesn't weed out bad drivers or rapists. You are just as likely to get robbed or raped by a licensed driver. The entrenched taxi mafias of the world are just fighting progress.

  • Even Taxi drivers shouldn't have a Taxi licence

    All a taxi licence is, is another way for the states to make more money. Should a soccer mom have a taxi licence when she transports the neighborhood kids to a game, or maybe she should have a bus licence. I know your going to say she's doing it for free and not money. What about people who car pool and contribute money to gas, should the owner of the car get a taxi licence?

  • Too much regulation.

    No, Uber drivers should not be required to have a taxi license, because there is too much regulation as it is. Taxi drivers shouldn't even have to have licenses. It would be better if it were a self-regulating industry. Limited numbers of taxi licenses only drive up the prices for consumers.

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