• I'm a contrarian

    I do not like when people put 100% towards something there is no point. Debates are supposed to be intellectually stimulating all 100% gives is the belief that you are correct and you are never correct because you are always wrong because nothing is true. *drops the mic on the floor

  • They take away jobs from a whole sector.

    Undermining the cab driver industry is just another way to destabilize our society. No one will benefit from that. The few dollars that one saves using Uber will have a very negative impact as cab drivers run out of work. Cab drivers have invested in their profession. Their family depends on their lively hood. People using Uber are destroying this in complete impunity. These same people complain that jobs are fleeing to Asia and that the economical future of America is bleak. If you want to protect your family, think about the consequences of your actions.

  • I like freedom and choices

    Uber has no appeal to my parents. The idea of getting into a private car driven by a private contractor is crazy to them. They take cabs. They also hate the idea of shopping on Ebay. What if the product isn't as advertised?

    I'm OK with Uber for the same reason I'm OK with ebay. If I see a ebay seller with thousands of sales and a 99% Up rating, I don't hesitate to buy. Same with Uber.

    How about we let individual decide? If you want to work at a cab company then go work there. If you want to work for yourself and use Uber to connect to riders, then do that. If you want share the driving to work, then join a car pool.

    You might be interested to know that San Francisco cab drivers are also independent contractors and not employees. They just have a lot less flexibility in when and where their work. Do a search for "Why Cab Drivers Are Poor – An Analysis of San Francisco’s Taxi Industry" to learn more.

  • The system is more than perfect already.

    Why in the world would uber drivers be made employees. It would take the uber out of uber. The sole reason people choose uber is because it is separate from a corporate price. If they were employed than there would be higher prices. It would ruin uber as we know it

  • It's not Uber's decision

    Whether or not Uber drivers are employees is a matter of law. Uber can pretend its drivers aren't employees, but the reality is that if Uber does continues to act this way and Uber ends up being wrong, Uber is going to owe a lot of drivers a lot of money. This is already happening in California.

  • They control their day....They are not employees!

    It is not good for the government to force Uber to treat drivers as employees. Uber set drivers up as contractors so that they could have control over where and when they work. Riders love the convenience and many drivers love the flexibility. I think progress will be stunted if the government forces employee status on new companies with flexible work options.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-09-19T04:43:10.800
Uber has had enough trouble with the law already...