Should Uganda's anti-gay bill be introduced in the US?

Asked by: lilmama8771
  • The lavender armageddon is approaching

    Just when you thought you were safe, the gays are chasing after you, in the schools, movies, colleges up and down the U.S. Celebrities are coming out of the closet day-by-day, and now your friends will look at you funny when you have posters of them up on your wall.

    Just one of the costs of the gay agenda.

  • Its scary how much we have grayed out the line between right and wrong.

    People are dressing less, cussing more, substances, rights, the environment, etc are being abused. Its frightening how much humanity has let itself go.

    Currently, gay-dom is almost a celebrated status, seen by some as a expression of extreme liberality. Not even going into whether its genetic or purely a sick twist-off of sexual desires, its about time a line is drawn. A line that is almost impossible to impose onto the US today, but nevertheless much called for.

  • Yes, I think it should.

    I think it should. The penalty there if you get caught performing same sex acts and gays molesting minors is 14 years. If they are caught as a repeat offender they will spend life in prison. They wanted to put the death penalty with it but decided to remove it.
    I think if that Bill Penalty is brought here, it would wake these people up and they will see that this is not okay. And the fact that Obama is blackmailing them saying he will take away USA's aid if he signs the bill is crazy. I'm glad the president of Uganda signed the bill anyways. He is tired of the gays molesting those minors. They don't have the police force to back up gays. People here don't understand is that's why they feel this is okay.
    Its not wake up and see that these other countries believe truely in their religions. They are not faking it like some people here. Gay is a choice and mental defect, not genetic. And if they bring the bill here, I think people will start to understand that. We'd have to build more jails though, they will be flooded. These countries are tired of the USA bullying them with this gay stuff and they are fighting back. Obama should be ashamed of himself for selling out like this.

  • I'm a Christian and I don't support this

    No, absolutely not! Although I do NOT approve of the gay lifestyle I do NOT condemn them. Rather we need to love the person but not like their acts. I have no problem with gay people other than the act of homosexuality they part take in. Also freedom is what made this country great. It is still a great country just not the best. Yea we have the best military but that is what still holds us at the top. Rather than sending them to prison and condemning them. And Russia has a policy on gay people to and they are NOT crazy on religion so that argument is invalid right there. And not only gay people molest people, just because a man molests a boy does not mean the man is gay he is just a twisted, sick, corrupted man with views that are not accepted by anyone. Not a great idea lets just show them some love and let them know we love em we just dont approve of their sexual actions.

  • This Issue has an obvious answer, just unseen through bigotry.

    Uganda has taken the religion, Christianity, and adhered to it's word fundamentally without realizing their own hypocrisy. In Leviticus, it does say that a man shall not lie with a man as he would a woman, but this exact same book condones slavery, "your male and female slaves shall come from the nations around you, from them you may buy your slaves." Uganda is a Nation of Black Africans. 500 years ago, it was common for traders to steal men, women and children from their home from african countries and make them slaves forced to work on plantations. Even after the 13th amendment to the constitution, black people were still discriminated in countries like USA and UK. Now africans have been liberated from this racism, because it is now socially unacceptable and even illegal in some cases of racism, they are oppressing someones right to express their sexuality freely in Uganda. Why is being gay wrong but being Black ok? Because it's a choice? I highly doubt you can choose what foods you like and don't like. I see that the experts on the other side of this page have studied the matter concerning if it's a choice very carefully and scientifically without predetermined biases getting in their way. Hmmm. I thought that social freedom was what the USA was based on. But the americans aren't too keen on freedoms, unless it's for a Hetrosexual Anglo-European white Man, for them more freedoms, for others less.

  • As a pansexual person myself...

    Absolutely not. It's completely out of the question. No one should be penalized for who they have a relationship with or what they do in the privacy of their bedroom as long as it's safe and consensual. If this bill is being passed solely for religious reasons, then I better see an anti-divorce bill or an anti-fornicator bill follow suit. I bet at least over half the country would be in prison by then.

    Homosexuals, including myself, can be completely productive, normal members of society. I bet at least one of the people you've ever had contact with was something other than straight and you wouldn't even know it unless they told you. Why would want to throw someone you don't even know behind closed bars for something that is solely their business. Heck, why do you care so much AT ALL?

    If you're tired about hearing gay marriage on the news, change the channel. If you don't want to read about a coming out celebrity in the tabloids, then flip the page and read something else. It's that easy. No one is forcing you to into the "gay lifestyle".

    Sorry if we just want to be treated as equals like everyone else in the eyes of the law. Sorry if the world is starting to open it's eyes and is making progress without you. If you don't like gay people--that's fine. I could care less. But when you imprison me for showing affection for someone I love that has nothing to do with you, THAT'S where we have a problem.

  • Um.... Like, no?

    There is absolutely no reason why sexual identity has any influence in whether or not one should be able to partake in homosexual acts, as long as it is through mutual consent with both/all parties. How would you react if Uganda made it an Anti Straight Bill penalty? Yeah, so don't complain.

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