Should Uganda's President Museveni have signed the controversial anti-gay bill into law?

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  • Step Backwards for Progress

    An anti-gay bill is a step backwards for human rights. Uganda's President Museveni should have taken more time to consult with the legislature on the legislation because what can't happen is a new wave of anti-gay violence in Africa. Suddenly, gays must be in secret and a witch hunt can start if someone suspects another person of being gay. All this law does is start a new wave of violence in Uganda.

  • Uganda's President Museveni

    I personally think that It includes life sentences for gay sex and same-sex marriage, but a proposed sentence of up to 14 years for first-time offenders has been removed.
    US President Barack Obama had cautioned the bill would be a backward step.Correspondents say Uganda's inefficient parliamentary system has meant it has been difficult to get copies of the draft legislation.

  • No, discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation is wrong.

    Cultural relativism is not a defense for Uganda's homophobic bill. It is wrong in all cases to discriminate against people based on things that are just part of person's make up, like their race, gender, religion, or sexual preference (for other adults). It's what makes them who they are and none of those things are inherently bad or good. They are things that can't be helped and don't need to be. Codifying intolerance of perfectly acceptable ways of being into law is definitely a step in the wrong direction for any country.

  • It doesn't make a difference either way.

    No, Uganada's President Museveni should not have signed the controversial anti-gay bill into law, because with all of the problems that Uganda has going on right now, giving people a license to persecute or discriminate against gays is not helpful. President Museveni was right to focus on more important matters.

  • So much wrong

    There is so much wrong with the idea that being gay should be banned, let alone the challenge and impossibility of actually enforcing a law to this effect. Banning gays is simply persecuting a real group of people who are the same as everyone else and just want to be part of society.

  • It is a Step Backward for Human Civilization

    I listened to Uganda's reasons behind writing this bill as well as an interview with the Ugandan politician who apparently wrote the bill. Their reasons are narrow-minded and simply poor. They believe the "homosexuality is not a human right" as stated by the man who wrote the bill. How is it not a human right? Uganda is supposed to be republic and they are instating oppression of a significant social group and encouraging violence among their populace. While most developed countries around the world are making trend toward granting gay rights encouraging a future of human rights development it is countries like Uganda that are only contributing to holding humanity back.

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