• Ukraine, Should go for EU and not Moscow

    More Local and National Investments will come there coming from many countries including the growing areas outside Europe asides of the problems exist. . . For me Ukraine has so much better compared from any other country in the Balkans as well. . . The potential is big but for their situation's problem is the wrong concepts of managements under this Russia era in the country. . . As a European, The country should build better connections to it's fellow race club compare to it's fake Eurasian sibling. . .

  • They need a say

    I would not be able to say why the Ukraine is not a member of the European Union, but it does not seem right that such a large European country would be left out. I imagine it has something to do with Russia, but Ukraine could provide a value EU voice.

  • It is up to the people

    It is up to the people of the Ukraine on rather they want to join other countries in the European Union or not. Also it is up to the member states of the European Union if they want to let in the country into their membership of several states across Europe.

  • Better Than Going Back To Russia

    I do not know why any country would want to go over to Putin's side. Have a crazed power hungry dictator in charge of your country now. Ukraine would benefit much more by joining the European Union. It would be much more beneficial in just the trade commerce alone for Ukraine

  • Yes, the Ukraine should join the EU.

    I definitely think that the Ukrain should become a member of the European Union. I think that the Ukraine would benefit from joining the organization. As of right now though, the nation is facing a lot more issues that are more important than joining the EU. I think it is important for them to deal with Russia.

  • Not as long as Russia is involved

    I do not believe that The Ukraine should be a part of the EU until there is solid proof that Russia is not involved. Russia has always meddled in affairs there and has put in puppet leaders so Russias best interests were supported. The Orange Revolution was supposed to purge Russias influence from The Ukraine but look how that ended up.

    The Ukraine needs to get rid of the Russian influence and I feel the only way for this to ever happen is to split into two nations (like Georgia). I would love to see The Ukraine join the EU at some point but not now and not until Russian influence is purged from The Ukraine.

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