Should Ukraine become part of the EU (Yes) or Russia (No)?

Asked by: BurritoBoy69
  • Let them join!

    Ukraine should be able to join the EU if they want. It's not up to other countries to force them to not be in the EU or not. It should be up to the people of Ukraine to decided the future of Ukraine either in the EU or stand by Russia.

  • Joining would result in a lost identity

    Although joining the EU could bring some economic benefits to Ukraine, the loss of national identity including cultural identity would cause huge uproar in Ukraine. I cannot beleive that Ukrainians would be willing to stick to the strict rules that come with EU membership, in particular the mandatory rule to receive immigrants includign refugees from the Middle East.

  • Ukraine is set to make Europe pay the bill

    Ordinary Ukrainian citizens and politicians are being increasingly critical now of the EU line towards Ukraine. Speaking at a party conference leader of the Ukrainian Radical Party, Oleh Lyashko, put it plainly, "European Union has betrayed Ukrainians. We are dying while they don't introduce visa-free regime for us". First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko in her turn voiced doubts over the ability of the MEPs to stay aware of all the risks after the Ukrainians lost all trust to the EU.

    The unprecedented rise of discontent has been manifested in the petition demanding to sue the EU for 60 billion dollars to compensate the losses. The authors of the document believe it's exactly the sum Ukraine has lost due to the failed commitment of the European politicians to secure integration of the country into the common European area. (https://petition.President.Gov.Ua/petition/35227)

    Surely, we should delve into this issue and determine whether those accusations are appropriate or not.

    Ukraine just like any other claimant for visa-free regime and the status of a full-fledged EU member, is to meet some criteria, including lower level of corruption and unemployment, dissolution of oligarchic clans in political sphere and somewhat minimal visible economic growth. What are Kiev's achievements in the context?

    According to Transparency International, Ukraine is listed as the most corrupted country in Europe, where every 10th representative of the working population is unemployed, Donbas blockade put to rest any perspective of the country's economic rise, while the state debt only during the two months of this year hiked by 1% to make the state debt a total of $71,76 billion.

    As for the position of the European Union allegedly not supportive of the Ukrainian development and implementation of reforms, it's just a blatant lie. The EU has always delivered adequate aid to the country. Apart from the EU loans and grants, during the past year only the Czech Republic transferred CZK 11 million to Ukraine so that it could go on with fighting corruption and bringing to life independent mass media. Luxemburg allocated EUR 500 thousand for humanitarian projects. Estonia, apart from financial aid of EUR 400 thousand authorized the Riigikogu EU Affairs Committee to make steps aimed at instigating Ukraine for more active pace of reforms and taking measures to reduce corruption. Also, allocation to Kiev of EUR 600 million is now being under consideration with the aim to patch up worsening economy of Ukraine.

    Now, they dare to assert we are just staying idle, doing nothing, being reluctant to give assistance to Ukraine which we allegedly don't want to see in the united Europe?!

    True, Ukraine is still not a member of the European family but it owes this wholly due to its own inaction and lack of desire to change anything. So the authors of the petition should rather readdress their claims to the top leaders of the country. They are exactly those who are to pay the bill now.

  • I am a Russo-Ukrainian, and I believe that Ukraine should stop betraying herself.

    Nadiya Savchenko is a disgrace. She wears the coat of arms of Rurik, despite Rurik being the leader of Rus (Russia). It is a bitter irony, as the Rurikovich were the first Tsars. They ruled Moskva over Kiev, and thus the Ukrainians are hypocrites. I was born in Ukraine, but I am glad to not love it. I have no patriotism for Ukraine, and I want to see my homeland of Novorossiya become a part of Rossiya!

  • No because, they will become bankrupt, like the other countries, like Cyprus, Italy Ireland Spain Portugal, and Ukraine will be worst off,

    Ukrainian people will think they'll find work all over Europe, and they will not, because there is no work for their own citizens,
    Don't get me wrong I love the Ukraine people, they are lovely people,
    The best thing the Ukrainian Government could do, is find huge manufactures, to encourage them to open factory plants, in Ukraine, in the like of VW, FORD, AUDI, SONY, SAMSUNG, These are just a few, BECAUSE, THE WHOLE World would benefit from the cheap labour cost, being built in the Ukraine, and so would the Ukraine people, get companies to invest into the Ukraine, if they do, Ukraine could boom in business alone, and still be independent, not having the E U telling them how to run their laws or fianncies, you watch Ukraine could bring down the euro, and the E U in General,'

  • What is democracy?

    If the ukrainian feel the urge to rejoined the russian federation let them. Is thats what democracy is. The people should make the choice not the politicians or the u.S or european union. The u.S is base on democracy and i believe that they should not interven e the crisis because the majority of the people don't want them to

  • The majority of the Ukraine is Russian

    They should rejoin Russia. The only reason they were able to gain independence was with the collapse of the USSR. The only reason Russia has not scooped them up is because our government is cramming democracy down their throats to the point of backing an illegitimate government that promises democracy. We've seen how this plays out in Iran, China, the Philippines, Cuba, etc.

  • Russia Has Helped Them With Everything

    Russia has given Ukraine aid and assist from day one, when the uprisings started the reason Russia invaded was to help Ukraine in the long run. Russia is not the wrong doer, they are just trying to help (I don't really believe any of this, this is really for a school thing where I have to argue this point at Russia's perspective and I have no clues on what to say)

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RandyAllen says2016-04-12T09:23:56.557
I do not see a choice here. Well, it would be good for Ukraine to become a EU country, no doubt. But I do not think it's a good idea for current Europe to shoulder a new burden while it has own weight of problems and weaknesses (Greece, Italy, Portugal). I think Ukrainians should realize at last that freedoms, nations and partnerships are not made with pen and paper, but with common thinking and values. We cannot sponsor the bankrupt country, the country where advantage is achieved mostly through out-and-out corruption in business, politics and daily living. So I'm sure Europe should build relations with Ukraine only on the base of various trade agreements, cooperating were it benefits both.

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