Should uncut WordGirl episodes air on Adult Swim?

Asked by: ILoveCars
  • WordGirl isn't really meant for kids.

    This show is rated TV-Y7 on PBS Kids Go. But sometimes you'll hear Valentines and crushes and relationships, and little kids in the high school world. Besides, WordGirl (the girl, not the show) is very violent towards adults. Likewise, Stewie from Family Guy repeats "Mom!" in front of Lois. However, the edited episodes on WordGirl (which excludes boyfriends and girlfriends kissing on lips, and the bad language) are too kiddy. WordGirl has a select uncut episodes in the same vein as Family Guy and Ren/Stimpy, such as this one:

  • WordGirl is an educational show

    WordGirl is not mature. It's an educational show on PBS teaching kids grammar. It does not belong on Adult Swim. Adult Swim only airs Mature shows. Furthermore, WordGirl doesn't have uncut episodes. Why do you think WordGirl is inappropriate for children? No Adults want to watch WordGirl because it's only for little kids.

  • WordGirl... On Adult Swim????

    WordGirl is not the appropriate type of show for a channel named "Adult Swim". There's a reason why the show is rated TV-Y7 and airs exclusively on a kids programming block during the daytime. And as a 22 year old, the format of the show no longer appeals to me, and most adults will agree.

    Posted by: S.K
  • WordGirl really isn't appealing to adults.

    There is a small population who watch it and are adults however what they are cutting out (kissing and violence) really doesn't even arise to the occasion of adult swim. Also, there is a point in time where adults do not want to learn about words anymore and they will eventually tune off. In conclusion, we are taking a block of time at night for a few episodes.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-03-02T10:11:48.323
I think there's nothing wrong with boosting adults' vocab. At least, those who say 'ATM machine' would benefit from the Lady Redundant Woman episodes...