Should "under God" be kept in our Pledge of Allegiance?

  • "There's a God"

    The reason why "Under God" should be kept in our pledge of allegiance is because when I grew up in Virginia and in the public schools I grew up in we said the pledge of allegiance everyday and every morning. I had no problem with it. It was just something I was used to saying every morning before classes would start and I had nothing wrong with saying, "One Nation Under God" I mean if it was there already then just leave it alone people. I am also a believer in Jesus and that there is a God and only the one and Almighty God! I have nothing wrong with it being apart of "our" pledge of allegiance. Also let me say this, every 10 to 20 years there is a new generation that comes along. I was born in 1994 and that was of the last part of the children born in the 20th Century. Yes I know we are in a whole other century and generation but that's the problem. It's all about the differences in the generation gaps. I have noticed in the USA lately that there has been a drastic change in our music and the way things are being allowed on television. To much vulgar stuff out there these days. I am now getting close to 20 but I was raised the old fashioned way by my parents. I love them dearly and they were the ones that brought me up in believing in God. I grew up going to a Baptist elementary school in Suffolk. I loved it. As I have grown up and going to my grandpas church I was being surrounded by love and in believers of Jesus Christ. Now that my grandpa has moved on to be with his heavenly Father above I have grown up into a man and realized that there is a God and he has died for me and died willingly sacrificed his life for me so that when I die I would not perish but have everlasting life. Amen! I was saved when I was 16 on Valentine's Day on a Sunday morning and what a day that was for me. I wiil end this note by saying it is not an easy road being a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ but that's what faith is and faith is believing in something you can not see but can feel the Holy Spirit within you. This is why we should allow "Under God" to be kept in our pledge of allegiance.

  • Yes, it is historical and true.

    Yes, "under God" should be kept in our Pledge of Allegiance, because the founding fathers wouldn't have thought something was unconstitutional that they themselves wrote. It is also true that the country is "under God," and acknowledging it is a way to ask God to bless the country and keep us in His care.

  • Moral Values in our Pledge.

    Weather you like it or not our founding fathers based this country on the bible, not the qua-ran, and not science. Under God is just 2 words, and what this country needs now more than anything is moral values, and that is what God represents. Moral Values, it does not mean that you have to believe, but if it was under allah then there would be no liberals going after the pledge

  • We need God.

    Without God we are nothing. We can't just take out laws because someone has a hatred towards another group. Atheists should just accept it, it's been here for 60 years, there is no point in taking it out now. No harm is being done if someone says it. It does not even take five minutes to say it.

  • We are a nation founded by Judeo Christian beliefs

    We are a nation founded by Judeo Christian beliefs. This does not mean that we are intolerant of other religions and beliefs. It just means that we adhere to certain principles and morals. E.G., all men are created equal, we believe in equal justice under the law, we do not discriminate based on age, race, gender.

  • Yes it should.

    'Under God" should be kept in our Pledge of Allegiance. There is not reason for it to be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. If students do not want to have to say "under God" then they can replace the word God with Bob or something else that is similar.

  • Under God is what you want it to be.

    The use of "under God" has not always been in the pledge of allegiance but I agree with the addition of it. I do not see this as the government supporting one religion over another since God is kept ambiguous. Each person can reflect whatever God they choose into the pledge. Be it the God of the Bible, Kuran, or even the belief that each person is their own god.

  • Forcing Religion in a "Free" Country

    Why else do we have rights that protect us from one and others religions, ideas, opinions, etc? A pledge for an entire country is obviously going to represent that country. So are we representing ourselves as ignorant to one and others beliefs? We just don't care that someone may or may not believe in something other than god? The pledge is more than just some words written a long time ago, it symbolizes what we stand for, and if we stand for "god", I'm going to sit down.

  • State and church violation

    This basically goes against the first amendment which states that there should be seperation between church and state. Also, some people are polytheists in America and do not believe in a "god". Also some people are atheists. Also, Not everyone in America believes in only one or even any god.

  • Church & State?

    Not everyone in the USA believes in God, you know. For students being raised with different religious beliefs, this could conflict and confuse. Besides, isn't there supposed to be a separation of church and state? This seems to violate that...

    If someone wants to say that during the Pledge, okay. Just don't try to force that on those who don't want to, please.

  • Teaching Children of Any Religion

    Not all parents support religion. Those parents endorse their own religion, and may want their child to wait to chose a religious belief until old enough. Having small open minded child that believes anything that is told to them say ''Under God'' is just so unfair to not only the childrens' parents, but also to them. And atheists do not hate you, this is not a signal of hate. Your kid can say it if he/she wants. All I'm saying is, why rob a child of religious choice? Let them grow with out interference. So, there is mental endorsement and therefore harm in a growth state. I am not stating this is bad to have them become Christians, only that you should let them grow.

    There is tons of peer pressure on students who don't say all the words. Why not destroy the problem all together?

  • Separation of Church and State

    A common argument cited in favor of "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is that the Constitution provides freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. That is not the case because part of the 1st Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". Because "Under God" in the Pledge suggests that religious people are more patriotic than atheists, and that the governments acknowledges god, it therefore is unconstitutional because it prefers religions that believe in God. Another common argument is that the U.S. was founded as a Christian Nation, and that the founding fathers would have approved of it. This is not the case, because numerous founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, stated the importance of the separation between church and state. Finally, it is often stated that "Under God" is constitutional because it does not prefer any religion specially. However it acknowledges and prefers a group of religions, and suggests that atheists are not patriotic. In conclusion, I believe that "Under God" is unconstitutional and should be taken out of the Pledge.

  • Violation of first amendment rights/ separation of church and state

    The Pledge of Allegiance is a pledge to our democratic government. Including religion in it in our schools forces kids to say it without knowing or understanding the implications of belief in a diety at a young age. Constitutionally, that is illegal as it violates the very principle of secular government. Yet it happens every day throughout the country.

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HERO_DREAMER says2017-04-02T19:48:54.053
Not everyone believes in God, so why do we need this?