• Many do it already

    It is so easy to get pot and liquor in the us it shows that even if it is not permitted they will do it anyway so it should be legal it would help those going through tough times it helped me when my grandfather passed but it was a dumb thing to do as a minor but it's the parent right to choose

  • Yes, underage drinking should be legal.

    If underage drinking were legal in the US, as it is in other places, it would be much less abused than it is now. Half the time children and teens take up drinking just because it is a risky activity, and they do it outside of adult supervision because they know it isn't allowed. If underage drinking were allowed, parents would be able to monitor it, it would lose its 'bad' draw, and it would pose much less of a problem.

  • Underage drinking should be illegal.

    When the underage drink, they jack up their brain cells, cause violence, hostility, and cause them to express their feelings in a violent way. Those that can drive often cause crashes and kill or injure innocent bystanders. It can cause depression and hostility. So yeah. Underage drinking should be very illegal. Plus... IT ALREDY IS!!!!

  • Underage drinking should be illegal.

    Underage drinking should be illegal. When teenagers and other underage drink, they are only messing up their brain before it is done developing. The drinking age is so high for a reason- if it were any lower, then children's brains would be messed up from all the alcohol that they consume.

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