• If they say yes, They mean yes

    All most people care about is consent. As long as the girl consents, It should fine. People act like underage sex is fucked up when, Most of the time, The underage party consents to it. It's annoying that I, Being underage myself, Am not allowed by law to have sex.

  • Yes it should be

    If a girl's gone through puberty she is fuckable. There is no reason why a guy shouldn't be able to fuck a 12 year old. Some 12 year olds are hot. They have Boobs and sexy legs and they even can have a butt. If the girl is alright with it, that's all that matters. Of course the guy should wear a condom but as long as he does it should be legal. Girls are meant to pleasure men and they should start as soon as possible.

  • Yes, Underage sex should be legal!!!

    If God didn't think it wad ok to have sex with a girl 12 years old then they wouldn't be able to very pregnant!!! Mary was 12 year old when God impregnated her and Joseph who God chose to be her husband was 27 years old, so God basicly says that young underage girls should be with older men!!! I see nothing wrong with have a relationship ith a 12 year old girl!!! It's natural but society has made it seem evil and perverted and wrong when it's not!!!

  • It is in other countries

    Ok so why make it illegal only in the usa? Other countries laws are lower then usa. We seem like the only place that can't accept it. When years have gone by and kids have been doing it anyways. Theirs no point accept the age old cry they are too young. Humans are sexual beings. And we all feel it. The only type of bad sex is rape.

  • Don't Fight Nature

    If a boy or girl is having sexual urges, it's a sign that they're ready to act on them. Artificially stopping people from having sex and children when their bodies clearly know that they are ready to do so is ridiculous. If girls weren't meant to be pregnant at 13, they wouldn't be able to get pregnant at 13.

  • If the young person wants them .

    If the young person wants them you cant tell them they dont quite often. And young people can feel emotionally unstable easily sometimes. They feel they should be able to be liberated as adults are and with so many young people in poverty if their object of affection isnt impoverished could help them have better lives.

  • I think it should be

    I think it should be, but the parents but allow it. The government cant control who can and cant have sex. If the parent and the child think that the child is ready to have sex then let the. The children of course know the consequences of having sex without protection. But sex should be legal to all ages. Parent controls when their children can have sex not the government. At least till the child turns 18.

  • I thought it already is...

    Well you can't prevent a teen from having sex with a law..That would be weird. It's the parents' role to do that not the government's. Moreover sex is not drugs to be illegalized. It's much more common and normal. I wish there was a law for 12year olds who open their legs so early but again it would be weird.

  • I definatly think not!

    Children are too young to have sex. What if a 70 year old man has sex with a 10 year old girl? It doesn’t matter if they consent. And, young girls can get pregnant if they have their period at a young age! No children should get pregnant! They aren’t ready, at all. Just because they can have babies doesn’t mean they’re ready.

  • There is heartbreak

    Sex is giving part yourself to another human being. If someone underage takes part in sexual activity and then breakup with that person soon after... They will experience much more emotional scars then it would've if they had never participated in the activity. To me, you should be married before you partake in sexual activity... Because, allthough it is an unfortunate truth that many divorces happens, you shouldn't feel the pain of a breakup and the pain of knowing you gave your body away to someone who doesn't truly live you

  • No, children should not have sex.

    Though it would be impossible to truly enforce, the law should be in our books to prosecute when problems arise. Most people who have had sex before the age of eighteen regret it. The human brain is not fully developed until after the teenage years and between that and the flux of hormone levels, sex hardly ever occurs for the correct reasons. When we live in a country overruled by religion, and sexual education is not standard nor are lessons regarding protection against pregnancy and STDs, banning it outright actually is the answer. If children were free to engage in relations, where is the line drawn? May a fifty year old man copulate with an eleven year old girl? That sounds like rape to me, regardless of the child's consent.

  • No, although the body is ready to have sex, the mind may not be

    Though the body readies an adolescent for sex right around puberty, underage sex should not be legal. The phenomenon of sex entails various aspects (i.e. Emotional) that the mind of a minor may not be necessary ready for, although their body is. Sex should be a personal thing that requires mental health to be in great shape; minors are just developing mentally and may not be able to handle everything sex entails.

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