• Well, Heckle Yeah

    63% of the world population have been Begging For Taker Vs Sting At WrestleMania 32.. This would be a historic match in the making. Like two of the best legends in wrestling history clash at the main event of Wrestlemania. Would be something that everyone would water their mouths for.

  • Late and pointless

    Undertaker has no purpose to be in WWE anymore. His streak ended two years prior, his health and body aren't getting any better, and the mystique of the gimmick took a giant blow due to the death of Paul Bearer. His kayfabe half-brother Kane isn't a monster anymore but a politician. A match with Sting as a broken-down humanized deadman is pointless and too late as both men are in their 50s, not to mention it removes a time slot/match card for younger talent to thrive at Wrestlemania.

    All the blame goes to Vince McMahon and co.

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