Should undocumented immigrant students who want to attend college be able to pay the same rate as US citizens?

Asked by: hgsbshr
  • I think that undocumented immigrants should have to pay more.

    I have no problem with immigrants coming to our great
    country in order to better themselves.
    If they are not criminals, I think that they should be allowed to attend
    college here even if they are undocumented.
    But, I think that they should have to pay a higher rate than native

  • No, they should not.

    If a student is undocumented they should work out a way to get their documents instead of worrying about attending college. It is important to make sure everyone is verified so if there is an issue they won't get in trouble. However, the immigrants who worked hard to become documented shouldn't have to feel like it was for nothing, therefore undocumented ones should pay more.

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