Should undocumented students who want to attend college be able to pay the same rate as US citizens?

  • Undocumented students are humans too.

    I believe that it is unfair that you are blaming a bunch of kids of committing a crime they couldn't control because they didn't choose where they were born. Also many undocumented student help the economy and the do a lot of the jobs that people don't want to do. So don't blame them for something they can't control.

  • They should pay the rate of out of state students.

    Undocumented students should be able to attend at the same cost as students from out of state. There is no reason to overcharge people for something like an education. It doesn't cost more to educate them, so they shouldn't have to pay more. Because out of state students are charged more, and they are undocumented, they should pay that rate.

  • Same academic standards as US citizens.

    I believe that our illegal youth should be able to pay in-state tuition at a college or University if they can afford to do so. However, there should be some restrictions. For example, students should have gone through the US elementary, middle, or upper schools for a certain amount of years. Students will also need to pass a proficiency exam in English if it is not their native language. Additionally, the students will be held to the same SAT requirements as legal US citizens. We should not withhold the right to education from individuals who did not chose to be in the positions they are in. Education is a right that everyone deserves. Applying out of state tuition would extremely limit the ability of illegal youth receiving a college education.

  • Equal Rights are Important

    The people who drive the US economy deserve to have their children receive at least the same quality of education, for the same cost, as the lazy Americans who claim that immigrants somehow, 'genetically pollute' the United States. Illegal immigrants are more deserving of citizenship than the Republican fundamentalists and protectionists who shut down the US govt. In October.

  • They should not be allowed to attend college at all

    First off, they are in the US illegally, whether they moved here themselves or were brought here by their parents. They should not be able to enjoy the same rights that true US citizens pay for with their lives and their money. Second, they are taking spots at universities that should be filled by students whose families are legal US citizens and have been paying taxes as long as they have been citizens. Last, the states that are allowing the students to attend college for in-state tuition are practically rewarding them for breaking the law. A lot of students going into college are not able to pursue attend their ideal college because it is in another state, but then there are students that are not even US citizens and have never payed taxes for the state in which they live, that get to attend whatever college they want in certain states for a cheaper price than students that are US citizens can.

  • No they should not

    Education is supplemented by the government. The government gets its money from taxes. These taxes were paid by the American people no they belong to the American people. It is not right for someone to come in from another country and for them to use the American dollars to pay for their education.

  • They should not.

    Undocumented students must pay more for tuition. It is not a reasonable to let an illegal immigrant to pay the same rate as legal students. They broke a law and having the privilege to pay in-state tuition is not fair. If the universities and governments offer in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities to any undocumented student, directly or indirectly they are fomenting the illegal immigration.

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