Should unemployed people be made to work for their welfare money?

  • Nothing is free, whatever they are receiving was taken from someone else.

    I think it would be great if welfare recipients had to work to receive their check. There are always community service projects that need doing, they should have to work a certain number of hours picking up litter or helping out in a soup kitchen of something of that nature instead of just getting a free ride. It would build their self esteem, since they would actually be giving back instead of just completely depending on the system. I know there are some who have disabilities, but I'm sure there is a job they could do, even if it's just filing or something low key. I think this would also force some of the lazier recipents to just get a job since there would be no free ride anymore.

  • I am a nurse of 49 years and I still don't think we should support people with welfare.

    I have worked as a nurse for 40 years and I am tired of supporting people who are clearly able to work but spend there WHOLE life living on benefits. Their morale and self esteem would improve if they felt a sense of achievement and they would feel too tired to engage in criminality!

  • Yes!

    That's not poor, not keeping up with technology isn't poor. We use the words poor and poverty way too vaguely nowadays. I'm not saying helping the people out is wrong, but come on, what happened to survival of the fittest? What responsibility are people learning if they are getting handed money? None. If my parents handed me everything I always wanted without working, I wouldn't learn anything. I wouldn't become independent or responsible. Why should the hardworking people pay for these "poor" people? In blunt terms, they shouldn't.

    Its supposed to be temp assist not an income with no stipulations. Work contracts to hire and/or training to ensure ability to secure work needs to be implemented. Unless disabled, I see no reason for a healthy, able person sell themselves short!

  • No work ... no money! Life may seem harsh ... but it's rather quite simple!

    People can learn important skills while working. The more the unemployed work, the more skills they can gain, which will inevitably help them with their furture employment opportunities. If the government continues to use our taxpayer's money in order to hand out to those without a job ... why would the unemployed ever want to work another day in their life? Money for nothing always sounds good. There are lots of jobs out there, that need doing for the public ... picking up litter; cleaning up public areas; fixing things that are broken; removing graffiti; painting old buildings; watering & cutting lawns as well as trimming trees; cooking for the needy ... I'm sure the list can go on and on. If you give people a sense of pride while working for their money, then they'll probably enjoy it and want to continue working for it. After all, beggars can't be chosers and they shouldn't get to be lazy either.

  • People who receive gevernment assistance of any kind should have to earn it.

    Handouts victimize people and undermines their self esteem. There is nothing that teaches responsibility like earning your own money. It gives you a sense of pride and achievement. It also makes you a good steward of what you earn. When you receive money for nothing it encourages you to enter the scammy side of life. It is just psychology. If we want an upstanding responsible population we need to let everyone who can earn their way earn it. It makes them feel better about themselves and gives them a sense of future. They know handouts are temporary and they may spend their time figuring out how to make it permanent because it does provide for them and they are scared to lose it. In order to justify these handouts they become part the I am entitled mindset. Not good for the sociology of our society.
    Handouts develope spoiled children. Everyone knows what they are like.
    Tell me a business and I will show you how they would love a volunteer or an employee they don’t have to pay. And guess what that volunteer/unpaid employee could much better his/her chances of getting a job. I have an Assisted living. I would love to have someone to come in to do all sorts of volunteer things. Help write letters and cards to families, do fingernails or hair, start a picture club, play games, take someone to lunch, bake, sing, music, teach computer skills. I would be delighted to sign up for a program that would send help to my business. My son has a trucking business, he would love to have someone to help him with research and new technologies available for tracking and billing or even wash his trucks. All small businesses could probably come up with a “job”.
    How about classrooms? They all need helpers. How about Senior Centers. The list is endless. America can put people to work.
    On the Staue of Liberty it says send your poor and downtrodden. We are a country of compassion. We always need to take care of our sick, disabled, elderly and children. But those that are down on their luck we need to build them up and yes maybe provide a check but a check that is earned.
    The same with the poor. We need to make sure we have the best education possible for all our people. This is the way we can reduce the number of poor. Not handouts that let them sit all day in their own demise.

  • Work or starve

    There are plenty or holes in the roads, the poor and reckless should pay their way. Reduce all benefits 1% per year, one generation later the problem of unemployment will be largely solved. Without work, a specie does not evolve. Help them help themselves by reducing their benefits. Many of the unemployed are undereducated and undeserving, they are the cancer that is destroying capitalism.

  • Too many young people too lazy to work.

    Why is it that if you are young you get a free ride? You have kids and get hundreds of dollars to pay for food that you either waste on junk, or cash out for what you want. They have more money than someone who works to take care of their family. It makes me sick to hear another young person got put on disability while someone who IS disabled loses everything and is told to go find a job. YES those that are on welfare should be made to work even if it is McDonald's, I see job openings everyday and wish I could work, but I can't. Something is so wrong with this world.

  • Yes! for the love of god, yes!

    If someone cannot find any work and accepts money from the government, they should have to work for it! If you are capable of physically benefiting to society, you should be made to do work for the society. "forcing them to work would defeat the concept because they would have a job." If they are forced to work, wouldn't this in a way increase the level of employment? Have you ever had to travel and leave your family for a few months at a time to do nothing but work 80 hour weeks, and come home to the "poo?" People using your hard earned tax dollars on things that irrelevant to the standard of living? Probably not, but I have. The "unemploye?" Shouldn't be reaping the benefits of our taxes for their personal luxury. If they want to take welfare money, they should be required to work 40 hour weeks. Can't say the pay will be good, but this will really get people off of their asses to go find a job! They are out there, some people are just too lazy, or have been too spoiled. So what if you won't be making $25/hr like you used to as a temp, so how about settling for that $14/hr job where the income will be stable???

  • No one should be able to collect unemployment while doing nothing to regain employment.

    A lot of people seem to think that it's just fine to sit around, collect unemployment, and do nothing to support themselves or their family. Dependency on the government is the way to go for a lot of young people. That needs to change. The unemployment process needs to change. If you are fired, you do not deserve this support!

  • If you try, I will help

    If someone is making an effort to find a job, I will help, but if you are sitting on your lazy butt watching TV or spending your cash on wants, not needs, then I see no reason to help.

    America is based on Social Darwinism. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. There will always be poor and rich. If I were to be brutal, I wouldn't give ANY money at ALL.

  • Working for Welfare is like working for Less than Minimum Wage

    Firstly, why would folks work for welfare if they can get a job at McDonalds and get paid minimum wage? In theory minimum wage is more than welfare so forcing folks to work for welfare may give the working-abled folks more reason to work as a cashier.

    Secondly this wouldn't be fair to folks who truly can't work and have disabilities.

  • Hi. I am the one next door.

    Hi to the person in the opposition. I am not here to argue change your views or even get in to political debate, but I am the person who said and will still say the unemployed are jobless and not criminals. I kind of saddened the fact that you seem to be making out that I have no work ethic. I work voluntary and damn hard as well so I totally refuse the comment work shy. You really should think before you play judge and jury to someone who you do not know. I do agree with you however that welfare can promote laziness of course it can logically if someone is getting free health care has no rent to pay and money in the bank then some may say "What's the point in getting up and going out to work". However that contempt needs to be taken up with the government who sometimes make it financially nonviable not to work and contribute. They are the one's who make the rules not people on welfare.

  • No jobs - Can't work!

    In the current economy, how is one supposed to work for their welfare money, if there are no jobs to be had. I understand that one could take a lower paying position, if someone unemployed accepted a lower paying position, welfare should be available to them. Unfortunately, the requirements for assistance are such that one may not qualify for assistance if they accepted a lower paying position. Many people who have become unemployed have already given up homes they were unable to make the payments on. Should we demand that they give up what little welfare they may recieve. I say, if we want them to work, fine - but give them assistance to get back on thier "feet" so to speak. Losing a job is hard, trying to find another can be daunting, in the meantime these people are without a substantial income. Many have no insurance for self or family. If they are made to work for their welfare, then they should be offered low cost or no cost insurance also. Maybe companies should be made to work all employees full time - so they have to offer benefits - unfortunately - this might cause more unemployment, as many companies are not willing to hire full time employees because they don't want the expense of offering benefits. What if those who have been unemployed for more than 1 year are sent back to school to train in a field that is in demand? Those who are unemployed should be required to look for work, but they shouldn't be required to accept jobs in which they cannot make enough money to pay thier bills.

  • Not that easy

    Of course I'm in favor of finding jobs for these people, but where would I look? For the most part, unemployed people would not be unemployed if there was still work available. Where could you find a job for these people when there is not one available?
    There is also the matter of those who are disabled and cannot work even if there is work available. Trying to make them work would get nowhere, except that they would no longer get welfare money. We do not want that -- the more people who succeed in life, the better life is (less resentful, grumpy people who take it out on you).

  • Impossible

    For the most part, people who are unemployed cannot find jobs. Of course they should try, but the whole point of welfare is that people who cannot find jobs still survive. They (excuse my generalizations) would not be unemployed if there WAS work to do! Because they are unemployed, we know that there must NOT be work for them to do. So how can you make somebody work when there is nowhere that can take them?

  • Why would you pay when you can get it free

    I fail to see how making people work for their welfare will solve enemployment. The reason being is why would any company want to take someone on if they are getting free labour. Well if I was lucky enough to have my own company and was offered someone to work nothing over someone I had to pay I know who I'd choose.

  • no

    because, employers don't hire some welfare people if they are getting free labor, I have a friend who is on welfare being placed in job training program and being over looked when the company is hiring, they dont want to hire why should they? they're getting free labor. it's an ageny who has not had a hiring office manger in over 3 years why? because, they get people on welfare do you understand why we feel like slaves? I want to work, I go to college and I plan on getting my degree soon, But you need to look at why some people tend to not work because we are being forced to work in places they are using us as slaves, I have even wrote to obama to tell my story as a person on the welfare system and I am hoping I will hear something real soon. Just think about all the people who want to get a job and support their family but can't because we are trying to better ourselfs, but being looked down on. There would be more people off welfare if the goverment guts work requirements, because the companies would have to hire welfare people instead of being in a deadend job and being treating as the wrost person in the world. I bet theses jobs would start to hire more welfare people please keep that in mind.

  • first gov needs to stop giving our tax dollars to illegals and worst our enemy over seas, and our jobs.

    this problem is far worse than the1/16th of our lazy population. they need to do sum work but their not our problem. most of the unemployed 2day have always been working people, and would still b if not for the gov. i would rather help feed my loving neighbors than ppl who swear to kill this great nation. most of our unemployed want jobs and look every day. when jobs are sent over seas this is what we get. ppl lose work n the rest who still work pay the price. only the biggest price is yet to come. we now hate our neighbor for being pour yet are too blind to see where the true problem lies. if u teach a man to fish but restrict him form fishing , who is truly to blame? shouldn't we fix the real problem before no one has a job? or keep blaming the man whom is restricted from fishing? when will society learn? look at the gov hard n u will see the true prob... help ur neighbor n friends tell the white house ur all fired n put the unemployed n there insteed. bet u'll see some real changes. together we stand devided we die. truth will make us free. ignorance will put u in a concentration camp. wake up america!!!!!!!

  • The unemployed are jobless not criminals

    The unemployed are jobless not criminals. This is no different than the punishment they give to certain criminals. (sometimes rather serious crimes, too) and this could make some people think "Well if I'm being treated like a criminal. I might as well behave like one.
    What about someone who has been employed all their working lives and then suddenly find themselves out of a job. If they've paid their taxes then it is there money and frankly they owe me you and the rest of the world nowt. All people voting yes (obviously very smug in their jobs) need to take heed that the sad reality is anyone can become unemployed. I'm not here to change people's opinions as I've no right to, but I would have bitten my tongue off if I didn't say that. xx

  • Hell no!

    I was fired from my job because of a survey that was meant for another employee it just happen I was able to help but the first experience left a bad taste in a customers mouth. I received unemployment from may 2009 to oct 2010. I have and continue to look for work any work more than the required 30 hour a week imposed by twc who don't pay me a dime. I receive food stamps which do not pay my rent,lights,phone or bus fare it takes me to job search and find social services that can assist with me not losing my shelter, lights phone again. I stand hours in theses lines and only able to get half if any funds to pay my rent which cause the late fees to accumulate my rent goes from 755 to over a thousand dollars. Do I want to continue to receive any government assistance? No! I want a job. Do I want to work for free no! If this is what I am required to do which is the same as what a criminal do who have not committed any crimes or if asking for help is then I want to be paid.

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Anonymous says2013-02-19T21:37:39.910
reading a good portion of the yes responses it is very clear that many are frustrated with paying too many taxes and supporting the welfare system. That said, it is also clear that many do not understand what it is like to be poor in the United States. Im not saying there arent "bad eggs" in the welfare system because obviously there are. but when you are raised in a poor area, recieve a subpar education, have no money for birth control and no familial support system because they cannot support themselves either, all the hard work in the world is not going to better your situation. have you ever tried to live on min. wage or just a little over? its impossible and its depressing. yes there are scholorships for school but many recipients do not make it thru because home life situations make it too difficult to finish. if you have no transportation, no child care and no money how can you utilize a scholarship? the other side to that is many go into school programs that will not get them a job. Also Right now the demand for social services is so high there is no money. there are waiting lists for housing, child care etc. some waiting lists are so full that they arent even taking more names. kick on drugs out? sure. but what does drug testing cost? and honeslty have you ever met a drug addict that didnt know a way around a drug test? what happens to the drug addicts kids-do they starve? or go into an already overburdend foster system that has no money either. The system needs to be reformed. absolutely. but if we are going to change the system we need to truly understand why its not working. there are families out there who have been on social services for generations because that is all they know. That is a failure of the community, of society. you cant hand someone food stamps month after month and expect them to be better. thats food. not education. not training. not a job. the work programs are a joke. people need real training from accredited schools. they need suppport according to individual needs until they finish and get a job. why not utilize the votech schools that are available to high school students? this would offer fast training and several options for someone who would desire to better their situation. what about incentives for hospitals and nursing homes to train and hire? there is no shortage of sick and elderly in this country. child care is so unaffordable people refinance their homes to pay for it. hmmm. people need work. people need child care. there are empty homes and businesses all across the country. open state run daycares with low cost childcare. you have just created jobs, a safe daycare solution and made a community better. made lives better. isnt that what its all about?
Anonymous says2013-03-14T03:16:13.467
I've always wondered why we can't establish a voucher system, where the working class can receive something in return for the taxes they pay to support welfare benefits. For example, if it is determined that $200 of my payroll tax each week is going to pay welfare benefits, I get $200 in vouchers that I can pay someone on welfare to do work I don't have time to do because I am working 12 hour days to make ends meet. You need to bring your kids with to my house while you clean or babysit? Fine. You can only mow my lawn every other Thursday? Fine. I'll pay $20/hour, $25/hour, whatever the system says is a fair rate of pay. But give ME something back for all I pay in that comes out of what I can give MY family. I've been a single mom for 30 years and never sucked a dime off the system.

The system would need to require that anyone receiving benefits earn some percentage of what they are given, considering age, physical condition, availability of work and nothing else. If work is offered and refused, the pay is deducted from their benefit. I'm sure it would cost money to administer a system like this but it is better than what we have now - and it's going to get worse.
Anonymous says2013-03-24T12:53:54.553
I hade my hand ground up in a meat grinder and shoulder damage from trying to pull my hand out of the grinder. when I was 4 years old, I tried to get help I am now 58 years old and my hand has been completely destroyed and use less . but the state says as long as you have one hand there are thousands of jobs out there. nobody has ever hired me except for hard labor jobs which I cant do. I tried but it did became a nightmare trying to pick up heavy boxes or even trying to fill out applications because I cant write. the state said if I had no hands there are plenty of foot jobs out there
Anonymous says2013-03-25T13:38:13.263
Its all about losing Work ethnic, youths will lose the incentive to work and become lazy in there approach to working and Start blame the government ! Using the excuses "poor me "it's just impossible to find work !
Anonymous says2013-04-23T20:15:32.790
What about the cheats? Insurance cheats, medical care cheats, welfare cheats, etc. Who use the system for their own benefit?
I work hard and provide partial health insurance coverage for all my employees. My sister takes between $70,000 and $100,000
from my elderly mother a year and claims this money is a gift to her and her 3 unemployed adult children. The 4 of them make between 70-150 ATM and debit transactions a month- spending hundreds of dollars daily (Walmart,Sam's Club,gas stations, Home Depot, grocery stores, liquor stores, etc). When hospitalized (for illnesses relating to drug abuse, alcoholism, obesity, etc.) she claims she is indigent and gets tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills "written off" yearly. Sister has not worked in years because she was fired regularly from health aide positions (for absences, stealing patient meds, etc). Has taught her children the ropes for insurance fraud too (new roofs, new kitchens-floors, cabinets, appliances, etc-from 2 flood claims in as many years). Declared bankruptcy several years back ($160,000). Claims to be a financia wizard!!! Well I guess she is- because she does quite well getting everything paid for by
cheating the system. When younger, she claimed welfare and received housing for herself, her drug addicted husband and children claiming she was unemployed-while raking in "tips"as a stripper to pay for the drugs. The one time I tried to report this-I was told there were not enough people to investigate those committing fraud, and she would continue to "steal" from everyone until the day she died!!!!! So the question is-who is going to make the cheats and liars work? It's "easier" to just give them handouts
Anonymous says2013-05-23T12:21:46.627
Those of you who believe those on welfare are just unable to find a job are dillusional. Maybe for a small percentage, this is true. But i have personally known many welfare recipients who manipulated conditions in their life so they could stay on welfare. Most people on welfare don't want to work. And why would they? Many people working for minimum wage dont get their rent paid, their groceries paid, their medical paid, and som spending cash on top of that! Until the goverment figures out a way to make welfare worse than working for minimum wage, those on welfare aren't going to change.
Anonymous says2013-06-11T22:57:19.177
I think they should be made to work but not for their welfare money... Hell why work for the $200 a month from the state when you can make at least $800 a month on minimum wage? What I also think is the state should allow you to work & collect a portion of your food stamps, alot of people just need a little extra help and not trying to live off the government.
common123 says2014-01-07T18:47:04.803
Say whuuud? The question is an oxymoron. Basically, it creates a paradox. If the person collecting welfare is working to receive it, effectively he/she is no longer "unemployed." Thus welfare payments becomes "pay" for work perform- ergo he/she has work (a job), hence, no longer unemployed. However, if you what to obey all rules of common sense, you have to ignore them.
realist2014 says2014-04-22T16:27:22.847
The problem is there's too many generalizations, and there's way too much "politics" behind this issue. The Dems don't want to lose their voting base (that many of these people comprise), and the GOP hasn't really come up with many (any?) practical solutions. Do I think the disabled and single-parent should be forced to work for their benefits? Not the disabled, but perhaps the single-parent...Especially if that single parent doesn't have, or doesn't look for a job yet continues to produce or pop out kids. It becomes an ethics issue if you say two people receiving continuous welfare for years shouldn't have kids, but the bottom line is when they do it only creates another soul that's going to be dependent on our gov't to provide them their basic needs more than likely forever. Dems make it like they're doing them a favor by promoting all the social assistance programs, but they're doing nothing but a disservice to them by enslaving them to the system and doing nothing to better their situation. It's like when a drug dealer gives a new junkie their first few hits for free...It's only to get them HOOKED to the point that they become dependent on them. It's the same thing that's going on today, only problem is that the voting people aren't wise enough to see that, so they become entrapped in a system that keeps them at bay, yet keeps them voting a certain way so that they can continue to receive what they need...No different that the dealer/junkie situation I mention. The junkie would never rat out their provider much like a subsistence recipient would never vote our someone that's playing Santa Claus to them. It's a vicious cycle, and one that will only be broken when the people finally realize what's being perpetrated on them.
hry420 says2014-05-11T21:36:58.777
When someone works for their welfare it creates one less job, When a would be employer gets a worker on welfare who works for free they no longer needs an employee! Are people that stupid that they can't see the outcome, the end result? STOP THIS GOVERNMENT SCAM NOW!