Should unflattering Beyoncé photos be removed from Getty's website?

  • Yes. Unflattering photos of Beyonce should stay on Getty's website.

    You shouldn't alter the past by omitting images on a website. However if the images were taken strictly for slander for example photoshopping strictly for the purposes of inciting negative reactions then the images should be removed. If the photos were unflattering simply as a product of Beyonce's actions then they should remain. Otherwise they should be removed.

  • Wow.... Get over yourself girl

    Who does she think she is? A case of her true colours shining through. Vain and stroppy. Some one please pick up her toys from around her pram. It's like anything, the press will jump at the chance to show something unflattering about someone who markets themselves so perfectly. The next day someone else gets it and all is forgotten. No big deal Bonce, get over it!!

  • Leave them

    No, unflattering Beyonce photos should not be removed from the Getty's website. She is a real person who has unflattering moments and the photos are merely evidence of this.

    Instead of calling for the photos to be taken down, she and her PR staff should be using this as an opportunity to teach young women and little girls that it's okay to have an off day and you don't have to be perfect all the time. If someone as big as Beyonce led a campaign to help with the self esteem of girls in America, it could make a big impact.

  • No, the photos should stay

    First, unless the photos go beyond simply 'unflattering' and contain something legitimately harmful to Beyonce, Getty has every right to keep them online. Having the occasional unflattering photo snapped is part of a job/lifestyle that has made Beyonce tremendously wealthy. Second, for every unflattering photo of Beyonce that may leak out, there are about ten thousand flattering ones. I don't think a few shots from a bad angle or at a bad moment will change the fact that most people find Beyonce beautiful and talented.

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