• Better way to cook them

    We have technologies such as air frying and many others that help us retain the taste while making sure the food remains a bit more healthy.
    Given the fact that we are in a global obesity crisis it will not be such a bad idea if deep oil fryers become less common.

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  • Unhealthy food should still be a choice

    The choice of whether to eat unhealthy foods should still be left up to the consumer. They should not be banned as this is a freedom of choice issue. People are not forced to eat unhealthy foods, they eat them on their own free will. We should continue to educate people of the bad effects of these foods, but not ban it.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the government should be involved in dietary decisions, especially not to the extent suggested. I do not like to have my rights limited by my government, especially not over something like the food I put in my body. If I eat something unhealthy for me, I am only hurting myself. I do not need my government to ban french fries and I would be very upset if they tried to do such a thing.

  • No one needs to make my decisions for me.

    I think most people would really resent the government stepping in to tell us that since a certain food is unhealthy for us, they are going to ban it and make it illegal for us to eat it anymore. There is a huge difference here between the government telling food manufacturers to stop using trans fats and telling us we can't eat french fries.

  • Unhealthy foods should not be banned.

    One person's "unhealthy food" is another person's special treat. Opinions regarding what foods are healthy and what are unhealthy change every few years. Some people believe wheat or meat are evil, while others have no problem eating them. Each person should be responsible for choosing his or her own healthy diet and eating treats in moderation.

  • No, I don't think french fries should be banned.

    Overall I am strongly in the favor of the individual to be able to choose if they wish to consume an unhealthy foods, I think that it is common knowledge at this point that foods like French Fries are bad for you and I believe that if you still wish to consume them anyway then you should be able to.

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