• Yes they should. It's stupid.

    I think that they should ban school uniform because people have to waste time buttoning up their school uniform and in the end they become late and so they miss instructions and all important info. Instead they could just go in their casual clothes and arrive to school on time.

  • Should we ban uniforms

    We should ban uniforms because each month parents have to waste their money and they don't need to go to the shops and wait in the long queue .

    Also you cannot be concentrated with uniforms. They can even play any game in the world without uniform present and listen to your teacher very well.

  • Save some money

    I think we should bann school uniforms because you keep on wasting money each year and they get more and more expensive each year group you are in + you get to inner-self or beauty so i will agree to this but i do not know about the other people

  • We want to be different!

    Does it really matter that we have to look same. Uniforms are worn by soldiers and students are not soldiers. Is it necessary for us to be clones or can we see this as a way to know that we are different people from different places. Uniforms shouldn't be required.

  • Uniforms suck we hate them

    Because they suck and they are uncomfortable not fun to play in. You can not play in uniforms for sport we need to were our own cloths it suck we need a in put we do we do school uniforms suck they just suck get the out of the would

  • No uniforms can be good

    I don't think that students should be required to wear uniforms, but I don't think they should be banned either. I think schools should give students the option to wear uniforms. If they choose to then great if not then they should just follow a regular dress code. If the student breaks the code then require a uniform.

  • No, uniforms should not be banned.

    Uniforms shouldn't be banned from schools. Schools should be able to implement a uniform rule if they want to. I personally see benefits to children wearing uniforms, since it will help them all fit in, and no one feel left out or different. A lot of cliques in public schools, for example, are based on how well you dress, which is indicative of class. If children are all dressed the same, they will use one of the markers they use for creating cliques, and perhaps realize they're more the same than they think.

  • No, they serve a purpose.

    No, uniforms should not be banned, because they are helpful. In a store, a uniform helps customers to figure out who works there, and who they can ask for help. In a hospital, a uniform serves a health and safety purpose, to keep things clean. Playing sports, a uniform helps players know who is on their team. Uniforms are a good thing.

  • Uniforms Are Good

    I believe uniforms make a group of people look more professional. Rather that be in a school setting or a work setting, I think visually it sets a better tone. I think it also helps people look beyond the clothing a person wears and understand them better as an individual.

  • No, uniforms should not be banned.

    I believe that uniforms should not be banned. Uniforms serve a very important purpose. When people wear them it is a sign of unity. It is a sign that everybody is on the same team. It means that no one person is better than everyone else. Uniforms are a great equalizing factor among people.

  • Uniforms should not be banned

    Uniforms provide a form of unity, which allows a group of, for example soldier, to seem unified and organized. This promotes equality, as one group cannot seem to be better if they were wearing nicer clothing or one group seem poorer since they have cheap clothes. Uniform is a method of unity and equality and should not be banned.

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