• No uniforms they do nothing

    Why uniformes should NOT

    Kids/teens clothes expresses how his or hers personality
    Kids/teens clothes not just get bad comments but good ones too.(people think too much on the bad things rather than the good things!)
    Parents pay too much on uniformes! The money can go on other stuff like food, tax, vacations, ext.
    Kids will still be made fun of for being unathletic, dorky, or other things. The uniform had NOTHING to do with it.


  • Uniforms Are very dangerous

    First off kids or older people from different schools might find it encouraging to bully you because your wearing "Uncool" Clothing. I mean kids get shot and killed because they wear school uniforms when other people are wearing regular clothes and teasing them. People get teased so much that if we had school uniforms then bullies from other schools would tease them into Depression and they might try to Kill themselves are hurt themselves very badly. SCHOOL UNIFORMS SHOULD BE BANNED

  • Uniforms are Unnecessary

    Uniforms are supposed to reduce the disparity between wealthy and poor kids and to give the students a dress code so that everyone wears appropriate clothing. This simply does not work. Girls wear uniforms too short, or too tight, and some teens violate the uniform code. Their hair, their shoes, their makeup still emphasize the financial gulf between socioeconomic classes.

  • Yes, uniforms should be banned in high schools.

    Requiring a student in high school to wear a uniform is very controversial in my opinion. Students have enough in their lives at this age to worry about other then the kind of clothes they are wearing. Specific uniforms can actually be quite expensive. This has a negative impact on families that are trying to raise their children the best that they can. Students should be able to wear the clothing that they already have.

  • Let high schools decide

    High schools should be allowed to decide their own codes of conduct and dress codes school-to-school based on the experience of the administration and the parents (with student input from student leaders). Uniforms are neither bad nor good, and, regardless of some people's strong feelings for or against them, should not be banned.

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