• Good for students.

    Every group around the world already has a form of uniform. Cultures, Religions, Military, Social group, And of course occupations tend to have them. They are how we identify people within our groups and who does not belong. If we are not given uniforms, We create our own. If you look at student in schools without specified uniforms, You can tell what type of group (clique) they belong to by how they dress. This too informs them what people they belong with and who does not belong with them. Clearly this causes barriers between various students.
    Introducing school uniforms would tear down these barriers. To find those with similar interests, They would actually have to speak with each other instead of automatically including or excluding others. They would also cause unity among all students of the school as they would look at each other as part of their group.
    The main purpose of school is to prepare students for their work life after school. If you look at most jobs from waitress to doctor, They all have their own uniforms so requiring them to be worn in school helps prepare them for that.

  • It says in the bible

    That women have to wear skirts and if there is not uniform then they might need to wear skirts which is a sin also uniforms are really good looking on me and also peolple will bully you for bad clothes and also it really hurts my feelings. For these reasons I an proud to present

  • School uniforms can be used to improve comfortability with other students

    The school uniform is used to represent a school more likely to help with other students to become more comfortable with each other it doesn't show the showcase of wealth with other students which might increase their insecurities and this shows discipline not necessarily the lack of freedom given to the schools but shows the order and organised form of the school to become the representatives of the school based from the uniform.

  • Uniforms are needed!

    A uniform is needed for multiple reasons, Such as, Unity, Recognition, Formality and most of all equality. A uniform shows that you are from this place and you are proud of it, It also shows that everyone is equal, For example, When a poor person turns up to school with dirty clothing it represents that they is an outsider, Where as with a uniform it makes them feel as if they are connected, It doesn't matter where you come from you should always feel like you belong. . .

  • Good for students

    I am actually a student at a private school that requires uniform. When I heard that I had to wear a uniform to this school, I was hesitant to join. Eventually, I ended up going. On my first day, I realized something very important: you were judged by your personality because everyone wore the exact same thing. Not only that, But there was no bullying when it came to style. Also, Uniform gave everyone a snes of unity and equality. In conclusion, I do believe that uniforms do end up benefitting the student in the long term.

  • School uniforms good

    School uniforms create equality among students. It promotes children to participate and be a part of the school. Divisions such as class and race are removed through the wearing of a uniform. It also i agree gives a sense of consistency for the individual. It also promotes school spirit at sports events.

  • Uniforms are consistent

    I think it’s a wise idea to wear uniforms it’s a dress code of decency and not conformity it brings unity in persons belonging to the school this way students can concentrate on learning instead of ostracizing others for their lack of tastes or class it brings a togetherness instead of us and them mentality and the females should be give the option of skirts or slacks as in the military

  • It's annoying to constantly wear my own clothes. . .

    I don't want to wake up in the morning and have to carefully plan out what I'm wearing. When I'm in school, I don't want to have to feel like I'm being judged for what I'm wearing, I don't want to subconsciously compare myself to others and worry about my outfit. It's annoying. Sure, Wearing your own outfits is more comfortable, It makes you stand out, You can express yourself etc. . . But in the end, I don't care. Why can't I stand out with my personality? Can't I express myself through the way I act and communicate? Do I have use pieces of cloth on my body to show people how "trendy" or "rich" I am? I have to wear different outfits all the time as well just so that people won't think i'm "dirty" for wearing the same thing 3 times a week but with uniforms, No one judges you, One cares because they are wearing the same thing. . . So no thanks.

    Posted by: jden
  • I want to show off

    I don't have enough clothes to wear, That's the only thing i care about cuguehd fhiewjdi hd d qs d e wd dwe d de wd d ewd 呃無法 王的呃曬王曬啊的受到 d rf r f er f rf erg rtg rg e gr f sdz fs df sd f g f

  • There is absolutely nothing RIGHT with uniforms!

    School uniform is simply an unnecessary boundary. Why is it even there? It makes children, Who want to be free to express themselves, Look like Victorian factory workers. Children should be allowed to be who they want to be!

    2. 1 million children across the UK go hungry in order to afford school uniform. 220, 000 children had their school chosen simply because of the cost of uniform in that school. 95% of parents think that school uniform costs are unreasonable. True, As parents spend £2. 1 billion on school uniform a year across the UK only.

    90% of children don't want to wear school uniform. That's obviously the majority, So why can't children have a say? Children may as well go to school with signs saying 'I'm banned from expressing myself' or 'If I express myself, I'll be punished', As wearing what kids want will result in punishment.

    We say wearing school uniform reduces bullying and increases discipline? It doesn't. IT DOESN'T! Bullying is INCREASED by wearing school uniform, As 780, 000 children wear ill-fitting uniform (because of the ridiculous cost). Also, Not a single study has shown that students are better behaved wearing uniform.

    IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK AND AGREE WITH ME, SIGN THIS PETITION! Https://petition. Parliament. Uk/petitions/215908

  • That Would Be RIDICULOUS!

    They should be made in a clothing factory! All kidding aside, The reason that uniforms shouldn't be compulsory is because doing so would take away a student's freedom of self expression. Of course, I'm not saying that there won't be any problems, But that's what authority figures are for. On a related note, If a crime is committed, It would be easier to describe them to the authorities.

  • We are all individual and unique, It's time to express that

    I personally believe we shouldn't, We should be able to dress how we want to express ourselves and so we are more unique and individual. It would also help students have a better understanding in fashion and trends.
    I definitely would like to go to school wearing my new clothes but, Because of school uniform i never get to show anyone as my friends never want to go out :/

  • School uniforms promote conformity over individuality.

    The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely. Clothing choices are "a crucial form of self-expression, " according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada. Clothing is also a popular means of expressing support for various social causes and compulsory uniforms largely remove that option. We shouldn't force kids to wear uniforms when there is no need to.

  • The Bible is BS

    The bible is an archaic remnant of a time where men were afraid of intelligent women, I mean seriously, Feeling threatened by an intelligent woman is pathetic it is also important to mention, Why is ALL of science wrong, But a bunch of misogynistic moronic bronze age herders got it right? I personally already wear khakis and a polo or button down. Individuality is important, Choosing your own clothing also allows you to determine what is appropriate.

  • I say no!

    Most say stuff like "It'll make lower bullying rates! " or "It prepares kids for the real world! " Like, We're kids. I think we should get a chance to express ourselves before we step into the real world since we don't get to do it as often since we spend so much of our time working

  • I'm on the fence. . .

    But I'm leaning towards no.

    On one hand, It would prepare students for the working world, Because many jobs require uniforms. On the other hand, Though, I think when a child/teen has to choose their attire on a daily basis, It teaches them how to tell what's appropriate and what's not, Which is important to have.

    I would vouch for a moderately strict dress code before a uniform. With that, You have the preparation for the working world, While still allowing students to be responsible for their own attire.

  • Ban school uniforms!

    It is absolutely ridiculous to force children to wear uncomfortable and ugly clothes, Making them look like a group of prisoners or even slaves. Clothes are a way of expressing yourself and some people are incredibly passionate about fashion. By making them wear uniforms kids lose a certain amount of freedom. Besides that uniforms don't stop bullying, To stop bullies authorities should interfere and we should teach children how to behave and live in a society. Making uniforms compulsory in schools is not effectively getting to the root of the problem and in my opinion has no benefits whatsoever.

  • Uniforms in schools shouldn't be something the government decides

    I would never go to a school with uniforms unless that was the only bad thing about it. But I respect that others feel differently so I wouldn't out law uniforms either. To me, Uniforms discourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative expression though clothing. It's also annoying when schools require boys to wear pants and not shorts but girls can wear short skirts during the fall and spring months.

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