• School uniform plays implicitely different positive roles.

    It also instills in them a sense of discipline, equality and commitement. Being mandatory , a uniform takes studies or school to a next level of seriousness and values. Students become more conscious that their school is an environment of respect.There are limits that they should not overtep which draw the guidelines for them to be responsible , inured to pressure, ready to face what any situation impose on them in the future .. When they ll grow older they ll recognise the tremendous impact of this seemingly small details in their life.

  • Kids wearing uniform prevents many issues

    Uniforms could make a positive impact on the learning environment. Often, children's social lives are started in school. Which is fine. Our children need to learn to make friends and voice their opinion without the assistance of their parents. However, the primary reason for school is to LEARN. The first day of school is often a fashion show. You know, most of us go back to school shopping not only for school materials but school clothes too! Not only will this save the parents money but it will also give students a sense of togetherness as well as leveling all students. Regaurdless of the student's parents finical situation everyone is coming to school with the same uniform!

  • No uniforms mandatory.

    Students should be able to express their individuality and their social skills. Everyone wearing the exact same thing would be extremely bland. People would not like to get to know each other because people do not know much about them and their interests so they would probably neglect others. Uniforms is not a good idea. We are talking about SCHOOLS not the MILITARY.

  • I tend to have a strong opinion on school uniform.

    I have made friends based off of how I dress and how I look. I am the only long-haired metalhead at my school, and anybody who went there for their first day would know that. My metalhead friends don't even look that much like metalheads. But what if I was forced to wear polo shirts and khakis, like in elementary? Nobody would know a whole lot about each other.

    For instance, I am a drummer in a band. If my school had a uniform, people would still know I am a drummer, but wouldn't know of my musical tastes unless they asked me. Because I am able to sport my influences, people can see that I am a metal drummer. Thus, I started a band with a few guys at school.

    Uniform only limits your identity and opportunity.

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