• Justification of category.

    In our surroundings we see traffic police,doctors,police ,nurse,school students etc wear uniforms which
    make us easy to understand to which category they belongs if
    they don't wear uniform then how we come to know to which category they belong then how we distinguish them from
    others individuals for any help

  • Uniforms stop a lot of issues in school

    Yes, I believe that uniforms should be required. Many of the bully incidents are caused because on student is not able to keep up with the fashion times of the others. Uniforms give the sense that everyone is on the same team. It give less grounds for picking and bulling in general.

  • They make things easier.

    Yes, I think that uniforms should be required, because they make things easier for people. Someone who has to wear a uniform for work can only think about finding one outfit to wear. They do not have to worry about whether their clothes are trendy or expensive enough. The people can just focus on their work.

  • Uniforms show equality.

    I believe that school uniforms should be used in all schools. Even though there is that lovely saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" people still do. By looking at someone you can basically tell what group they fit into. If we had uniforms it would be easier to know the persons personality.

  • It's not about limiting diversity

    I support the idea of students wearing uniforms, but I also support diversity. Schools sometimes try to do push a specific mindset over children and they're not open to individualism, and I'm against that. But, uniforms are not a bad thing. It lessens the difference between poor and rich kids, and maybe even "cool" and "nerdy" kids.

    Having some kind of dress code is a fair compromise.

  • Uniforms should be made compulsory

    In my view uniform gives uniformity between students and does not make them feel that they are lower than someone. Just take an example of a school where both middle class and upper middle class students study - now, here because upper middle class students can spend some extra money they can afford to buy good clothes, however, middle and lower middle class students would not be able afford the same. Having a uniform does not create differences between students and it helps them to be positive and keep negative thoughts away pertaining to their social status etc.,

  • Uniforms aren't going to stop any bullying or "fairness"

    Sure, people with uniforms gives the feeling that everyone is on the same team and can help the poor by no one having to wear expensive or trendy clothes; but think about it this way. Uniforms are expensive. Do we really want the "poor" to pay even MORE for clothes they are only gonna wear in school? While the more wealthy people could buy tons and tons of pairs of uniforms, the poor will probably only be able to afford 1 pair, which would lead to the uniform really getting dirty and beat-up, which would also lead to the kid with the 1 pair of uniform getting bullied and looking different ANYWAY. Why would you make it worse by charging a lot of money for a pair of clothes that they probably won't even need soon. Why make it worse?

  • Fashion is expression

    Fashion is an expression of individuality, and with the exception of formal workplaces that require a certain type of attire, there's no reason that one shouldn't be allowed to express this individuality in a country that is considered to be free. Everyone has the right to express themselves in any way they choose.

  • Uniforms should not be required

    Often it is too expensive a proposition to require students to wear uniforms to school. Unless the school district supplies the uniforms and covers all of the costs to purchase those uniforms in the first place, there is no point in making certain children feel bad for not being able to afford them.

  • Where Is Important

    Uniforms can be a very important part of debate because people have varying views on them. However, this question fails to indicate where the uniforms would be required. This is actually important because the question can't be interpreted clearly without indicating where the uniforms will be required. We could require uniforms across the nation for all citizens and for all public outings. I wouldn't really want to support such a suggestion. We could require uniforms at work, this may seem reasonable. We could require uniforms in schools, which depending on who you are talking two can deviate into a huge debate. However, this question fails to indicate what it is really asking.

  • Children should not

    Children should wear uniforms because they cant show there personality and appearance, and most children dont feel comfortable in the uniforms. Parents also have to buy the uniforms each year for alot amount of money because children grow or the uniforms get wrecked. In my opinion children should be able to wear their own clothes. ;)

  • Students can't be forced to wear what they don't want to.

    In school , students shouldn't be forced cloths the school tells them. It is a right of the students to dress anyway they feel comfortable in. Some kids have certain styles that they feel comfortable and express their unique individual styles. It is also a freedom right of the people to wear as they please that is appropriate for certain occasions. The distinction of the uniforms is almost as discriminating as racial profiling. In private schools, the policy is uniforms which should stay as they please. On the other hand, it may be easier to pick your cloths in the morning as you wake, but the students need ways of expression to show their personalities if words can't do so. It is wrong to take away the freedom of expression from student beginning to find themselves through fashion.

  • Kids need to express themselves.

    Everybody has their own style of how they like to dress, It shows part of who they are. If everyone was wearing a uniform it would make it seem like one person is the same as all the people around them. Without uniforms we are free to express who we are.

  • Too broad a question

    In some instances yes (authority figures, for example) but this question is far too broad to be agreed upon, because it implies uniforms should just in general be a thing found everywhere. That's not something anybody should be overly optimistic about, if society goes that direction it's for pretty bad reasons.

  • In Public Schools, No

    Kids are required to go to school. That doesn't mean schools should dictate what they wear. That should be the parents responsibility. That's the same for hair color and piercings. It should be up to the parent. Just has some kids are responsible enough to pick out what they wear, parents can give rules to them. Ultimately we have freedom of expression, therefore we should be able to express ourselves.

  • Freedom of Choice

    Ordinary citizens should not be required to wear uniforms. Otherwise, we may as well be Nazi Germany. The only uniforms that should be required are for private schools, military personnel and police officers. Companies can also require uniforms of workers while on the job such as security and even factory workers. However, in general, uniforms shouldn't be required of ordinary citizens.

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