• Simple and Eliminates a large part of Bullying

    Uniforms do exactly what the name implies. They eliminate some unnecessary disparity between students by taking away a difference in dress, which often defines where a student stands on the social ladder. You are in school to learn, not to be judged based on your clothing choices and by taking away this difference many issues of violating dress codes can be clarified and simplified and students who's families cannot afford as nice of clothing do not have to feel financially inferior in such a public way. Students come to school to forge their own futures and destiny's, and it is the beginning of their independence from their families. Taking away this connection with the financial standing that their family's have is one less thing to worry about and one more way a student can feel independent of their family when at school. Additionally, uniforms offer convenience. There is little choice that must be made about what is within the range of the dress code and it helps students to understand how one should dress in a professional way. Most work environments have a very limited dress code depending on a person's job description and that is essentially what a uniform is. It teaches students that self expression is often required to be made in ways that express who we truly are, not how much money we have or what the current fashion trend is. But instead we must express it through our work ethic, character, personality, etc..

  • They should be

    Schools uniforms help unite the students by giving them an identity. It also allows for discipline. It is exactly like in the army. Although, having no uniform is cooler, more pleasant and gives school a more chilled feeling. But is that really what you want in a school?
    Also, uniforms make students equal. There is no jealousy or envy related to clothing.
    It has been found that wearing uniforms decrease violence and allows students be ready more quickly in the morning.

  • Yes it should, it'll help kids

    If you wore uniforms there would be less bullying, Which know we all want. Although you might argue its stupid and looks funny, bullies are wearing the same thing so thats again, 1 less reason bullies can bully u for! Also, less kids will get in trouble for dress code! Last reason to have uniforms, you will worry less about what to wear for the school day!

  • 6-7 hours a day

    I live in california and go to challenger. The uniforms consist of a white shirt and a skirt/pants and white socks. Its very simple. Plus wearing a uniform for 6 hours a day cannot be THAT distracting
    i personally dont think that everyperson reading this rite now cannot not afford a uniform that is $50-$100

  • Yes they should

    For several reasons

    1. Increased security in the school. Staff can quickly see who should be there and who should not.

    2. Eliminates bully and judgement about what students wear and how much money they have. Students can be judged more fairly on what they say and do.

    3. It is cheaper for parents than trying to keep up with the latest brands and fads.

    4. School uniforms are safer. They are designed to be sunsafe, appropriate for the weather of the location the school is in. Things like leather school shoes protect feet from falling knives in home ec class, falling tools in manual arts and falling chemicals in science.

    5. Uniforms help students to develop a sense of belonging.

    6. Uniforms help the school to develop and unique reputation within the community.

    7. Uniforms help students to feel like students to create an environment which is more conductive to learning.

  • It's not that bad.

    I live in England, and in England all students that got to Primary and Secondary (i'm not sure of the US equivalents) Schools have to wear a uniform. It usually consists of a shirt, tie, blazer, suit trousers, and black smart shoes for boys, and a blouse, tie, blazer, knee length skirt/suit trousers, long socks, and black smart shoes for girls. It's honestly not that bad. It makes us feel part of the school community, and whilst the lack of choice is usually something which is brought up as an argument against it, you are only wearing it for school hours every day, and it wouldn't be as if you were the only one wearing it; everyone would be. Anyway, they look a lot more smart than casual clothes, and some people even suggest that looking smarter helps induce a better learning environment. Therefore I believe that uniforms should be required for school in the country that is being referred to.

  • Yes, when they grow up and are required to wear uniforms they will already be prepared for it

    It will teach kids good work ethic, and prepare them for the "real" world. The fact that they want to wear what ever they would like is irrelevant because they are only kids, have not fully developed decision making skills and believe that the world revolves around themselves. All schools need to have mandatory uniform dress code

  • Uniforms take away time and makes dress coding more of a problem

    Uniforms seem great, right? They unite everyone and eliminate dress code problems... Right? While it's certain to make all the school students look bland(surely they'll adore that) it's a problem of time. What if the uniform is washing, or gets overly dirty with stains and such? Clothes wear(pun intended), and that would cause a major issue in being dressed for school on time and looking astute. That suit looks great. So does the spaghetti stain splat in the middle of it. In addition, suits and slacks take a long time to put on, taking a way from key activities in a person's life.(E.G. Sleep) And without the uniform you didn't put on for the reasons of it being in the wash, it having stains or smelling, and not having time to put the uniform on, the amount of times a person is dress coded will be greater than if the person did not have to wear a uniform.

  • No, Because uniforms

    Make us go crazy, well that's what I think. I think uniforms are just a way of blocking the way we, us students, dress. Sure, most times some students dress up inappropriately but that doesn't mean the whole school needs to have uniforms. I'm not saying that the student who is wearing inappropriate clothing should be the only one wearing uniforms, I'm saying that it's not fair. The students who wear inappropriate clothing should be suspended or something! The school shouldn't force uniforms upon other students who don't dress like that. And I'm done. :)

  • Freedom of speech in a way

    Taking away your right to wear what you want is like portraying your self. In a way, its your opinion. The school should not take away that right you have in order to wear the uniforms that very few students even like. School is already bad enough, don't make them wear uniforms there too.

  • Uninforms are bad.

    There is no diveresity it is bacilly sayiing that america should take away are rights and thowe away the key.There is a reason that some schools see that uniforms are good but they can cause kids to rebell and want to wear there own cloeses. Must of these warning that schools with no uniforms can cause kids to become depressed. But i come from a school that does not have unforms and we are doing fine.

  • Their very uncomfterble

    They are very uncomfterble and very ugly, schools may want their students to wear school uniforms where in reality students hate it ( their school uniforms ) and find it very hard to show their type if clothe styles since they all have to wear the same uniform, act the same. And even in primary school all have to have their hair tied back which can sometimes hurt your hair

  • Never ever it's just no

    There torture when it comes to school it even itches but it's embarrassing to reach there people will make fun of you its also even worse when they force you to get uniforms or they will take 2 points of your grade how's that fair.
    What makes more annoying you have to buy it every year that'd about God knows what maybe 20$ for one its just no...

  • Should we really wear school uniforms?

    Why should we wear school uniforms its a free country I mean kids want to wear what they want to wear. I wouldn't want to be the kid on the street that's wearing a school uniform to school, other kids would insult me. So would you want to be that kid?

  • Makes School Miserable

    Living in Illinois, you have both summer and winter. Most uniforms are a thick fabric with long sleeves. And going to a school with no air conditioning, I think the uniforms are more distracting than helpful which really eliminates the whole purpose in the first place, which is to cut down on distractions.

  • I had uniforms! Uncomfortable, Horrible Looking and very expensive!

    First of all! I had to wear this horrible scratchy uniform when i was a kid where all the kids in my neighborhood got to where casual (or whatever they wanted, same thing). They were uncomfortable, easy ripping and very expensive i needed multiple pairs for everyday except Friday we were able to free dress but still! It's not "Good for Poor Children" It's bad because besides that clothes they have to buy more! Plus when you outgrow it, BOOM all gone again and you have to rebuy it, so stupid!

  • They are uncomfortable

    The whole idea of school uniforms is a fail. They are uncomfortable with the stiff shirts, claustrophobic ties, itchy tights and annoying skirts. They are unequal - in my school we launched a campaign to allow girls to wear black trousers to school. It was never allowed, and meant that walking to school in winter we would have to wear jeans and change into skirts when we reached the school. There was a maximum length of skirt - you couldn't buck the trend by wearing a long one (or try and hide if you were self-conscious), however there was no minimum length of skirt.

    Having uniforms did not stop poor students from being bullied - instead of wearing expensive jeans kids just wore expensive shirts, skirts and shoes.

    Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in (physically and mentally) increases productivity, and more and more office-based jobs are relaxing their dress codes in favour of happier and more productive staff.

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