• Yes,uniforms should be worn by elementary students.

    Yes,uniforms should be worn by elementary students.Parents have many school expenses to worry about and a wardrobe for the student should be at the bottom of the list.Young students shouldn't have to worry about what they or their fellow students are wearing so uniforms would be a perfect solution for that dilemma.

  • Uniforms for elementary students is a good idea.

    School uniforms help to address many issues. They help students focus on learning instead of appearing unique based on the clothes they're wearing. Uniforms help children that may not come from homes where they have enough suitable clothing. Children don't get singled out because of how they dress. Uniforms also help with a home's budget for clothing since school clothes only involve the uniform.

  • Uniforms Are Great

    I believe uniforms are great for elementary aged students. Since the outfits are so monotone, children are able to dress themselves for school earlier. Their choices are limited and they are less likely to make matching choices that don't work. This means that students can foster a sense of independence earlier, which allows them to be responsible in classes at an earlier age.

  • Yes, Uniforms Help Students Meet as Equals

    Students usually know who is rich in their class, and also who is
    poor. Dress and grooming make the difference obvious. The disparity may make
    children from wealthy families proud, even though their scholastic achievements
    and deportment are nothing special. Children of poor families, on the other hand,
    may feel shamed by their clothing, even if their grades and behavior make their
    parents proud. Uniforms cannot cure this problem completely, but they can help
    children to meet one another as equals.

  • I do not think uniforms are a good idea.

    Forms of suppressing minors more than they are already suppressed are not beneficial to anyone. Minors already have very rigid and strict schedules that are not set by them, so taking away one of the few avenues that they have to express themselves could cause backlash in many students that would otherwise be good students.

  • Uniforms should not be worn by elementary students.

    Uniforms should not be worn by elementary students. I think that it should be up to the parents and the students to decide what a student wears to school. If we require uniforms we are also making it tougher on parents to be able to keep these uniforms clean and requiring that they spend more money on laundry.

  • No they should not.

    School uniforms creates a stressful environment for the students and for the parents who have to get them in the uniform. The kids would be forced to follow a very strict set of rules when getting into uniform and going to school, if they break those rules they get in trouble. It is unfair to do to children.

  • No need for uniforms

    There should be a certain dress code, but there is no need for elementary students to wear uniforms. In a way, uniforms instill the feeling that "you're all the same." Well, the kids are not the same, and they need to know it. They need to know that they have a unique personality, talents, tastes.

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