• The uninsured should have access to healthcare

    It isn't in anyone's interest at all to have a subset of the population without access to affordable health care. Sickness and plague will make no distinction between the insured and the uninsured should we be unfortunate enough to have a visit. We should have a healthy population who can resist illness, this benefits everybody.

  • Yes, but not extensive.

    Yes, uninsured people should have better access to more affordable health care because they are human beings and cannot be deserted. There should be an option out there that is cheaper but good enough to keep someone healthy, at least until they can enter the job market and start searching.

  • Yes They Should

    I live in a state that has refused to adopt Medicaid expansion two years in a row. Being a low-wage worker this means I can still not access affordable health care. I am a cash buyer in the medical field and that means I can't afford basic services like blood tests. I believe everyone would have access if states approved Medicaid expansion.

  • No as the uninsured's access to healthcare does exist

    Health care is a privilege and, as such, should not provide special favors to the uninsured. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances for the homeless and poor. As a rule, though, anyone presenting at an emergency room, who is uninsured, receives treatment and, in all likelihood, is Medicaid-eligible. Basically, affordable access to health care is available to the uninsured and has always been available but, Obamacare, which supposedly attempted to address a larger number of the uninsured, is proving to be a real scam. Contrary to the ACA's claims, care had always been available to the uninsured. Additionally, contrary to what proponents of the ACA would have one believe, bankruptcies arising from medical treatment are few and far between.

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