Should United States military benefits be extended to all civilians?

Asked by: jbeforeb
  • All United States civilians should use the benefits of paid vacation, free education, and affordable health care

    Let's make this a capitalist case
    I would like to start this off by pointing to the countries in Europe that have free paid vacation, free health care, and free education. These benefits will aid you and I in making sure we can achieve the American Dream in our own way. If you had free educational opportunities, how would you use it? I do not like welfare because freeloaders bring us down as a society but if you can go back to school to retrain in a job that was automated, do you think that would not benefit you and especially our country? If you had free health care, you have one less worry there. Our health care system spends about one-sixth of our economy which is approaching one-fifth. The European countries I point to spend less one-sixth and in many one-seventh of what we spend and if we saved that much money, how would that benefit you and I? How would one less worry benefit both of us? Finally, when it comes to vacations, research shows that when one takes at least twenty days of vacation, they benefit in cognitive, emotional, and physical ways. Many people would use this time wisely by studying, sleeping which can increase well being, going on a vacation that may benefit the economy. Would people still work on these days? Yes. Retail, restaurants, and theme parks would be open but they will pay time and a half just like we do now.

  • What an outrageously stupid and offensive question.

    Only those who risk their lives and are willing to pay the ultimate price should be allowed these benefits. Why grant spineless cowards the same opportunities? Thankfully this will never happen, because people are honoring and rewarding those who survive certain death with access to benefits that no one else is entitled to.

  • Kind of defeats the purpose....

    The point of military benefits is to provide benefits to people who decide to put their lives on the line by serving in the military.... Extending those benefits to all citizens not only removes that benefit that was once only for military men and women, but it would also be a huge cost for the government to bear

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